WIFI Extender DIY Project for Under $20

Introduction: WIFI Extender DIY Project for Under $20

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WIFI Extender DIY project for under $20. It will increase your WIFI signal reception by 2-3 times. In the country I was able to get twice the number of signals than with just the dongle. In the city I was able to almost double the number of signals. No gimmicks this really works. Not like some of those wast of time projects you see online. This build cost me under $20 and took only around a half an hour to complete. Till next time, "Be Prepared, Stay Safe and Survive."

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    8 years ago

    So this would only work on a device that gets WiFi through USB?


    Reply 8 years ago

    For this design its is just for USB or you could presumably be able to use it with a routers antenna with some modifications. I am building a satellite dish Cantenna which can use either a USB or you can fashion the element with copper wire and a coax cable. I will be posting that project once done.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    It could work, although not as well as it should. Judging by the size of a similar WiFi stick I own, I assume that strainer is 8" diameter by 3" deep. This puts the parabola curves focus at 1.33 inches, which is presumably on the WiFi stick and its build in PCB antenna. The strainer is also made of mesh of which the holes are smaller then 1/10th of a wavelength (2.4ghz wavelength is 12.3cm) so you are indeed reflecting the waves. Over all you would see a little bit of gain, but not much. You are better off buying a device with higher mw output power with a 6dbi antenna than this for the same price. A bi-quad antenna would see more gain than this as well (7-13dbi), although you would have to modify your device to use a RP-SMA connector.

    Source: I am designing 24-28 inch collapsible 2.4ghz parabola antennas with properly tuned feedhorns.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Would love to see the plans for your build. Thanks for the great feedback. I know I could do better but I get great results from this and only built it for my cottage and on the cheap and the speed of completing the project around 1/2 hour. I am working on a better one using a can and an old satellite dish and will post shortly.

    Yes this one realty works and increase your WiFi signal reception by 2 - 3 times. I demonstrated this in the video. I will be adding a city video shortly. Fully tested and verified not one of those fake video's or projects out there. I also will be posting one I made from an old satellite dish.