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INTRODUCTION- Wood carvers note:Light up your creations with  modern LED lighting to really enjoy your labors of years efforts.
I have been carving for many years. My products were included in several fairs. Most look but don't buy. Now I said- why  ? what is missing ? They are not Modern hitech animated. I then played around with Lighting. Too much bother.Along came the big break-through- Light Emitting Diodes called LEDs that were almost any color and brightness. Modern Integrated Circuits of low cost arrived.     The IC  critters could cause the lights to dance on and off or stay on for many months using simple batteries instead of power supplies and 120 ac connections.The combinations of lighting  and small size  of leds and IC's thus lent itself to inclusion into a wood carving or relief carving easily.  Here are some examples following.

Step 1: Smokey Lights-up

Smokey  the Fisherman-
I carved the head  out of pine. The results were drab. I realized  He needed  a break and to have his pipe lighted. Presto ,A red pulsing LED was installed in the corn cob. The base held the 2AA cells and small switch.If you want it "On" always  then don't use the switch.
See the Drawing:It outlines the parts and how I sneaked the wires thru holes into the base box.Soldering was easy. I used Linrose Co.Flasher LED here  but you can buy these from Radio Shack . They are size T1-3/4. yellow Linrose  Part B4380H. and draw very little amps  .They can run "On" for 60 days  continuously .Using a switch such s Jameco 621325 or RS co. equivalent if needed.
     The hardest  part is drilling a hole  through the body  from the mouth.I used a 1/4 in drill bit.
I found a red plastic  tree light  cover and it amplified the led color.Use any colored tubing or soda straw.
     The box I made from 1/4 pine and made  a lid for it so I could  change the two batteries inside.Or just go to a crafts store and buy a $2.00 one.  Wire was what  ever was in the catch-all box or buy from RS.Paired,28Gg. 1 foot long.

Step 2: Robina Robot Lights Up

Robina Robot was made some time ago  along with her husband Robby. See the Instructable[  Robotic Servant  by Mistic, date 2-26-2010]. It was drab. I noted it needed some up to date lighting to make it :alive'. So I dusted it off and added LED lights to it.
    See the Lab sheet;
Top of head- Mini 2 led flasher that was removed from a jewelry cuff-link. It needed 3 volts .The button cell was removed and the wires were attached to the led and routed to 2AAA cells in a holder from RS co. [Radio Shack}.See Picture.
    Various light devices were used here.
Two Red leds for eyes and nose were Tri-State Electronics  BR5704. T1-3/4 size. Drill a hole to back for leads to the cells.
Chest -3 led flasher leds.
NASA shuttle exhaust-- a red flasher or in this case a motion activated led from a kids ball.Turn it ON with a finger flick.

The eyes as shown  were actuated by LM3909 IC which is now not made but available from the Amazon or Google search. This low cost IC runs on a 1.5 vdc battery and can flash a red led for at least one year or more  if the cell is a 1.5v C-cell.
    The white round cased led is known as a Tea light. [] runs on 3v button cell. It flickers like a candle.Remove the cell and unscrew the circuit and led and switch  so the inside is removed to place the led  through a board. This is the light used by the Relief carving of the Cowboys.If not used  here you can use any Flasher led   and 2 AAA cells in a holder from RS. Use the same type switch as used in the Fisherman  circuit above.
Train head light- This little hand carved train set appeared dead on a side track so I added a nice flasher led to the front and placed the battery holder  inside the coal tender. It now lights up my desk nicely.Not shown is a led on the caboose rear.
I am adding a train whistle that is not finished yet and will upgrade this report when done.

Step 3: Art Work and Bass- Relief Carvings Lighting

Bass relief carvings- The art work that is easily lighted is carved or assembled bass-relief as shown in the picture of the Long Grove Il. village church , water wheel  and  shopping mall.
     A red let is use for  the street lamps. Use standard led red or yellow  and the 2 AAA battery. A switch is used  .These are located on the bottom or rear of the carving.You can use  E6000 glue on the back to hold the switch and holder.
     Led lights can replace incandescent lights  for edge lighting. For the water wheel  I used 5 Leds.Current reduced to 8 mADC using 2AA cells.The current is lower so the light can last at lest 30 days  'on' . Use a 470 ohm  1/8w resistor from RS series with the plus lead. If lighting is to be increased it is necessary to decrease the series resistor to 100 ohms.

Step 4: Relief Carvings Brought to LIGHT

These types OL' TIMER IN HIS CABIN  example, don't need much lights.
I added a  flickering led  light  as the fire  in the fireplace.  See MOV video.

The lantern at the top was off. It is a flashing yellow led. The 2AAA battery is in the rear and   a switch can be used .Use a 1/4 in drill to drill through the body of the carving.
Also used was aLM3090 IC but removed . It lasted 2 years' ON' with a 1 C-cell. Try these if you can get them on the Net.
Now I get comments on my carvings and they don't collect dust any more. This field is wide open and I hope this inspires some of my old wood carve friends from North Suburban Carvers  to use the Hi-Tech lighting for their creations.
     You-Tube video is being prepared

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