WRT 307 - Instructions Project



Introduction: WRT 307 - Instructions Project

Step 1: Open Adobe Photoshop

Step 2: Select Create New

a. Under the drop down arrow select PIXELS

b. Enter 2600 for Width and 1625 for height

c. Name the piece and select CREATE

Step 3: Click File in the Task Bar


b. Select the image provided of the Carrier Dome

c. Crop to fill the background.

- Do this by holding the shift key and pull each corner to fit

d. Click the check in the task bar

Step 4: Select the TEXT TOOL From the Task Bar

a. Click where you would like to place the text

b. Type Buddy Boeheim #35

- Utilize options in the taskbar to change the color, size or type of font

Step 5: Click File

a. Select OPEN

b. Pick the file provided of the player

Step 6: In the Toolbar Select the OBJECT SELECTION TOOL

- If you cannot find it press and hold the bottom right corner of the QUICK SELECTION TOOL

Step 7: Draw a Circle Around the Object You Would Like to Select

Step 8: Change to the QUICK SELECTION TOOL

a. In the task bar select the brush with the +

- To change the size, select the white dot with a number under

Step 9: In the Bottom Right Corner Select “ADD a MASK”

Step 10: Press and Hold on the Image

a. Drag to the tab with the background

b. Place in the center of the background

Step 11: Select the Background in the Layers Panel

a. In the bottom right corner select the circle that is half black half white

b. Press the brightness/contrast option

c. With the brightness slider, make a brightness of -80

d. With the contrast slider, make the contrast 85

Step 12: Select the Player Layer

a. In the bottom right corner select the circle that is half black half white

b. Press the vibrance option

c. With the vibrance slider, make a vibrance of +80

d. With the saturation slider, make a saturation of +30

Step 13:

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