Introduction: WS2812 and ESP8266 Wifi Mood Lamp

We liked the project displayed here

and thought "Hmm..Lets make a perfect lamp for this project"

And we quickly started 123d and designed a base for the lamp. You can download the files from thingiverse here

We used four table tennis balls to create a 3+1 configuration. A single ball is kept on top on the other three.

Step 1: Adding the WS2812 Pixels

The WS2812 pixels we chose were available in a single pixel format. We wired them in a chain so that DO pin of one connected to DI Pin of the next. In total we used 4 LED's

A simple AMS 3.3 V regulator was used to run the ESP8266 and the pixels also. We first did out prototyping with the NodeMCU board, and then when we had to finally pack the lamp, we swapped it with a ESP01 module. The 3D printed can accomodate both the NodeMCU and the other electronics easily.

We used hot glue to join the tennis balls after we fit the LED's inside them.