Introduction: Wahfoekeep

So you are probably wondering about the name. One day my friend and I were about to go somewhere and right before we left he said: "wahfoekey .... okay let's go". I said "umm wahfoekey?" and he said "it's my little mnemonic for remembering the three most important things before leaving the house: Wallet, phone, keys".

I've been using the idea ever since, only I changed it to "wahfoekeep" because I also carry a pen.

The only problem I've encountered is that even if you remember what you need before leaving, you still need to FIND those things. That's why I came up with the Wahfoekeep (the physical manifestation of the saying).

Oh and did I mention I made it for FREE!

Step 1: Materials

One of the biggest intentions was to keep everything on the cheap, which is why I used all recycled materials!


scrap wood (go to craigslist under "free" if you don't already)

scrap fabric (I literally cut it off of an old beach chair carrying case)

some nails lying around (from a picture hanging kit)

screw hook

polyurethane paint (it's what I had laying around but use any paint you want)






Really the idea is to make it your own. Maybe you want to add more, like a notepad, or maybe you want to keep it simple and "wahfoekey", or maybe you always have you're phone on you anyway "wakeeep". Whatever you want!

Step 2: Cut to Size

Use the largest object as your measurement for how much to cut off (in my case it was the pen).

Step 3: File for Centuries on Centuries....

on centuries on centuries on centuries

Step 4: Sand

Treat that wood right, with the grain.

Step 5: Finish Him...

I like wood color, but hey, maybe you like cornucopia beige (I won't judge).

Step 6: Add the Fabric

So this is the semi difficult part. Since I didn't have a sewing machine and I'd already used up centuries sanding, I wasn't about to sew anything by hand. Instead I used a trusty hot glue gun and folded over the edges of the fabric so it didn't reveal how utterly inaccurate my cutting was.

Then I nailed it to the board, using my items as a rough estimate for size.

Finally I added a screw hook (for the keys) and hanger on the back so I could hang it next to my door.

Step 7: Hang It Up

In a place where you'll see it as you exit your abode.

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    4 years ago

    looks very nice. thanks.