Introduction: Clay Wall Hanging or Clock Motif

Wall hanging or clock made of clay.

Step 1: Design on Cardboard

HI Friendsss.....

Happy to post again with a beautiful clock or wall hanging motif.

I was thinking up for my next project and got a idea to make a handmade clock which would be more interesting.Initially, i just made the design potrait of girl and boy in outfit on rajthani festive, and embedded it on mdf board for sturdy look. U can also use hardboard for base it depends upon the availabilty of materials.

Once the design is ready i just filled up it with whiteclay (air-dry), you may also try it with polymer clay of different colors or silpikar . Polymer are pre-dyed so i prefer white clay as you can color up with your favourites.

Next, impressions- just dumping clay wont be of great look so i decided to make some impressions with pointed tools (if one can not afford for specialized tools from market just make use of knife,pen caps,pins etc..) I used pencil base to create small round on sides.For center part,i just packed my dried clay bits with glue to give a stone punch effect.

Enhance all features as it is most important for natural look.In the center i just made a hole for inserting clock but i prefer to make wall hanging in future i may change it to clock .

Step 2: Colouring

Now our work is ready to color i just love coloring :-) it gives a complete feel to our projects and make ready to display...

Before coloring i painted it with white that would give a even texture for coloring.Then you can color it off with bright colors of your choice .I chose pearl colors for gloss and glittery look.

Step 3: Giving a Finish

Finally, for metallic resemblance i used gold dust upon black colors . Now it ready for display in your room.:-)

Thank you friends for your support.....Happy Smile and Live Young ..

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