Introduction: Wall Hanging From Plastic Grocery Bags

In this instructables, I will let you learn how to make a basic woven wall hanging all from scrape materials. I have also included how to make a weaving loom from cardboard to help start with weaving.

So things you will need to make this project are, 1. Grocery bags of different colors, and yes those transparent bags will also do good. 2. Scissors 3. A twig or a dowel stick to hang and 4. a cardboard to make the loom.

Step 1: Making Weaving Loom Out of Cardboard

To make a loom, take a cardboard of desired size, (say you wish wall hanging with 5 inches length, then take a cardboard 1 or 2 inches longer the size of the project ie 7 inches)
On both ends of the cardboard, make mark for every .5 inches gap. make sure the top and bottom marking are on same line vertically. Now cut a slit of .5 inches depth on each mark. our loom for weaving is ready.

Step 2: Making Thread From Grocery Bags.

Now grab the plastic bag and cut off the handles. Now we have a rectangular bag. grab across and cut so it forms a loopy strip.

We will need to join them while weaving. To join, take the new one and pass into the old one and make a loop as shown in the picture by bringing one end under the other and pull.

Don't make long yarns by this now, we will join the new strip to the old while weaving only.

Step 3: Weaving the Decor

To start weaving wrap the thread top to bottom on the loom, going alternatively through the slits we cut. Don't wrap around the loom(front and backside) just pass from one slit to other slit.

When done with the wrapping, take a 2 inch wide cardboard and pass it through the thread one up and one down. This will help is in weaving easily through the thread. and keeping it straight.

Now we can start weaving using the grocery bag thread we have. Remember, we are going to weave the design from bottom to top..

Step 4: Fringe Knot for Hanging Threads

Hanging will look cool, with threads dangling from them, so for that look, we can make a fringe knot.

Take 3-4 strips of long thread, place it over the 2 adjacent wrap thread and bring the ends to the front as shown in the picture and gently pull it. Repeat the process for the whole row.

You can repeat the fringe knotting for denser thread look. And then continue weaving up the loom.

Step 5: Weaving Designs

To weave designs, take another colored thread and weave it the way you want. But when weaving the remining section, alternately weave the rows where it joins the background, to make the design look incorporated.

Step 6: Ending the Weaving.

Now that the entire design is done, and when there is only 2 inches to the top, end weaving by knoting the thread with wrap as show in picture. And add one more row of fringe knots on top. Cut the hanging threads to desired shape like wavy one or 'v' shape or simple plain as in mine.

Step 7: Hanging the Decor.

Take the wrap threads of the loom. We can see it forms a loop ready for hanging.

Hang this to the twig. and hang the twig!

The beautiful wall hanging is ready to inspire others!

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