Introduction: Custom Wall Tool Holders

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In this instructable you'll see: How I made some holders, over my workbench, on a big piece of melamine, for some of my hand tools.

Step 1:

I made these two same holders for my T-Handle Torx/Hex keys, Nut Drivers, Rasps and Screwdrivers.

Step 2:

I placed them down to calculate the space I need to let, between every tool, in order to find the right length of the wood.

Step 3:

I marked the distances and extended them with a try square.

Step 4:

Then I started measuring the exterior diameter of every tool and at the total result I added one millimeter (half millimeter perimetrically), in order for them to get in and out more easily.

Step 5:

I did the same process for the other piece.

Step 6:

I opened all the holes needed to both pieces very carefully, for the depth of every hole to be up to the middle of the thickness of the wood.

Step 7:

In this case the thickness of the wood is two centimeters, so I opened holes 1cm deep.

Step 8:

Now I measured the interior diameter of every tool, adding again half millimeter perimetrically, for the same reason.

Step 9:

I opened again all the holes needed for every tool but this time each hole went from one side to the other.

Step 10:

I fliped it over and marked the two abutting external lines of every circle.

Step 11:

Adjusted the blade to the right height.

Step 12:

... and I started cutting with precision until the blade touches the 2 lines I drew before.

Step 13:

Then I sanded all the sides of both pieces very well.

Step 14:

Because this is softwood and it leaves splinters on the edges, I needed to sand all the points with a soft sandpaper by hand.

Step 15:

In order the tools to come in and out more easily, I did a little rasping between the gaps.

Step 16:

After all this sanding, it’s time for painting.

Step 17:

I let them dry for one day...

Step 18:

... and then installed them on the big piece of melamine, on the wall.

Step 19:

Let’s organize this mess!

Step 20:

For the try squares I measured the thickness of every piece and made these holders.

Step 21:

For the drill bits I measured the length of the base of every set and made this holder then I put the bases of the drill bits into the holder and placed it on the wall!

Step 22:

For the holesaws I took a piece of wood some dowels and I opened 45 degree holes, in order to keep the holesaws in place.

Step 23:

Hex / Allen Keys, T-Handle Hex Keys, Forstners, Woodboring Bits, Countersink Bits, Rotary Rasp Bits, Metal Cutter Drill Bits, Chamfer Milling Cutter Drill Bits, Deburring Bits & Router Bits

Step 24:

Thanks for reading & I hope you liked it!

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