Introduction: Walnut and Plexiglass Whole Bean Coffee Box

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We recently got a coffee maker that grinds the beans for us. It has a hopper on top that needs to be filled when prepping for the next day's brew. I'm tired of dealing with little 1 pound coffee bags. So I buy 3 pounds at a time at the co-op, and pour them into this nifty box. It is dimensioned to fit in the cupboard just above the coffee maker. To dispense, we remove the hopper's lid, slide the box a little way out of the cupboard, and lift the little handle on the front of the box. This allows the beans to pour into the hopper. Lowering the handle stops the flow. It works really slick and it's fun to use. If you like it vote for me in the Coffee Contest. Thanks.


scrap wood and acrylic

glue and some screws

Step 1: Measure the Cupboard

Step 2: Cut the Wood and Plexiglass

The plexiglass rides in slots cut on the table saw. Include the hole for filling with coffee and the lid.

Step 3: Glue and Screw It Together

Before screwing on the top, cut a hole for filling with a hole saw. And make a lid out of two hole saw cutouts glued together. The size of the hole matches our canning funnel to ease filling.

Step 4: Fill With Your Favorite Coffee Beans and Enjoy

I have an empty salad container that I take to the co-op to refill with 3 pounds of coffee beans. Using it saves 3 paper coffee bags, and the bag I used to carry them in. It feels better for the environment.

From the salad container into the coffee box is an easy pour since the hole in the top fits our canning funnel exactly. If you like this vote for me in the Coffee Contest. Thanks.

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