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Introduction: Walter ShedderCostumeHalloween2014

Step one was to decide what I wanted to be for Halloween. Keep in mind that this project will take a few months to complete. After I decided to make my own Shredder costume. I needed to created the blue print for my costume. I came across a program called Pepakura which allowed me to print the blueprint for my costume. Once all the pieces were printed, I started to cut and glue them together using a hot glue gun.

Step 1: Shredder Step 2

After all the pieces were cut and glued together I had to make sure they fit my body properly. This is the time to make any adjustment you might need to make.

Step 2: Shredder Step 3

At this point I started to make Shredder's cape. Instead to cloth I decided to use coke taps. (if you do not buy them it could take a long time to collect them) so make sure you get everyone you know to help you collect them. I used a diamond weave to weave the coke tabs together. Then used black yarn around the edges to hold the cape together.

Step 3: Shredder Step 4

Next step is to harden your pieces. I started to use fiber glass resin. When using this chemical make sure you are in a well ventilated area and you are using proper protective gear (gloves and a mask). Also make sure you include supports that can be taken out after the fiber glass resin has dried. I used 2 coats on each piece.

Step 4: Shredder Step 5

After all the pieces have been fiber glassed. I used a light grit sand paper (400-600 grit) to sand down any over spills on the pieces. once all the pieces were given a light sand I used Bondo to fill in any low spots on the pieces. Once the Bondo is dry lightly sand the area to desired smoothness.

Step 5: Shredder Step 6

Next you want to add a primer and first coat of paint to your pieces. Between each coat of paint I gave the piece a quick wet sand with the 400 grit sand paper to add smoothness to the piece. the first coat of paint I gave was a glossy black and then I went over it with the metallic or purple paint depending on which pieces I was working on.

Step 6: Shredder Step 7

I then would sand down the metallic or purple paint until the glossy black started to show through. This is how achieved the weather and battle scorn look on the pieces.

Step 7: Shredder Step 8

Next I started to add the final details of the sword slashes and cuts all over the pieces. I added red hot glue droplets to a few of the spikes to simulate blood. This added a more realistic fight scene to the pieces. I also painted the coke tab cape purple.

Step 8: Shredder Step 9

Last I added some final touches to the costume. I made a weapon out of a double edge hand sword I got at the dollar store. I cut the weapon in half and put one half of the weapon on both ends of a broom handle. I then used black yarn to wrap the broom handle. I used purple 550 cord wrapped around two section of the weapon for hand placement. I did one last fitting with the costume checking everything to make sure it fit properly. I used Velcro straps to attach the leg, arm, shoulder and chest pieces. After that I was ready for Halloween.!!!!

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