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About: Hi! I'm know among people IRL as the sewing guy who makes everything out of duct tape, and I'm a maker, designer, baker and Instructables fan. (he/him please thanks!)

Hi Makers! Today's project is super fast (like literally 10 minutes at most), and perfect for winter! Basically, it's a plushie that is also... a heating pad! Why do I need one Sewphia, you ask? BECAUSE THEY ARE CUDDLY AND WARM YOU UP! Also, the rice makes for a slightly heavier plushie which provides calming and relaxing deep pressure!

Seriously though, you need one of these and you need to make one for any babies you know. Depending on your sewing speed, it is a 2-7 minute project that only took me 10 because I had to snap a photo for you guys. Don't worry, you can switch the rice back to polyfill whenever so it won't harm the plushie at all. (don't do it to like a family heirloom or something tho...)


A plushie toy of your choice. NO METAL!!! METAL WILL MAKE FIRE IN MICROWAVE. WE WANT NICE WARM PLUSHIE NOT CHARRED COMBUSTED PLUSHIE! OKAY? Ideally, one without plastic eyes (lookin' at you mr. beanie boo!) because plastic might melt. It needs to fit in your microwave tho so that means no giant fuzzy IKEA shark. (darn.)

Rice! (dry, not wet, duh) or I guess chia or beans maybe?

Needle and thread

IMPORTANT NOTE! Remove rice to wash plushie or your plushies guts will cook and become squishy and gutlike. Unless you are an ER doctor and want to demonstrate to your fellow doctors the effects of microwave radiation and/or the traumatic effects of kids watching lumpy goo melt out of their bunny.

If your rice gets gross too (because small children excrete many strange liquids) just replace it with new rice and don't try to wash it.

ALSO! If you drop your phone in a body of water (eg. toilet, sink, pond, etc) your rice plushie can preform phone CPR and save it while you go to the store to buy more rice because you used all your rice turning your plushies into heating pads.

OK let's do this!

Step 1: Step 1: Cut Open Plushie and Remove Polyfill.

Find a seam to undo that you can sew back later and cut apart. Take ALL the polyfill out. (If you wish to have some stuffing left you must replace it for WOOL or COTTON because no. melty. plushies. please.

Step 2: Step 2: Fill With Rice.

Fill with rice. Sometimes funnels are helpful but you can just sort of shove it in with your hands if you're lazy like me.

Step 3: Step 3: Sew It Back Up.

Sewing needle, thread, whipstitch or ladderstitch and 30 seconds of your time later, you are ready!

Step 4: Step 4: Blast With Radiation!

Microwave anywhere between 1-4 minutes depending on size and preference but WATCH IT THE FIRST TIME BECAUSE (say it with me) NO. MELTY. PLUSHIE!

Do this before bed everyday (well, not in the middle of summer unless you like heatstroke) and enjoy!

Till next time folks!

xo sewphia

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    2 years ago

    This is so adorable! I love this <3

    Thank you for sharing your talents.


    2 years ago

    Nice! Thanks for adding the step photos, looks like a great idea! :D