Introduction: Warm Crochet Headband Bow

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Its a simple pattern that will make a cute headband for the winter!

Thing you will need:

- Yarn

- Size K crochet hook


Step 1: Get Started

1) For a start, place needle on your pointer so that hook is where your finger nail is wrap yarn over needle.

2) Twist counter clockwise.

3) Wrap yarn back around needle.

4) Pull the loop of yarn that you made first, over the new loop and make a knot, like in the 4th image in the step.

5) Wrap yarn around the needle again and pull the original loop over the new loop. ( yay! a stitch! )

6) Continue making single stitches until its about 5 inches long (about 15 stitches)

Side note: Usually I use one string of yarn.

Step 2: Second Row and On

A part thats hard to explain,

1) You want to loop your yarn around your needle

2) Feed your needle through the loop thats on the far side like the first image (second image has it highlighted in yellow)

3) Loop yarn around your needle again (third image) , then pull out.

4) Be careful, hook the loop beside your hook, pull though two loops (dropping those two loops) wrap yarn around your hook, then drop the other two loops. leaving you with a stitch that looks like the last image on this step.

you should make about 30- 35 rows, depending on how big your head is.

Step 3: Almost Done

After you have about 30-35 rows you just sew the ends together.

Then squish the spot where you want your "bow" to be.

Wrap yarn around that spot to make sure it stays.

Step 4: Optional

if you want to you can crochet a thin piece to go over the wrapped yarn.

Its about a inch and a half wide.

just make a little crocheted piece and wrap it around and tie it.

Ta-Da! now you have a very cute headband / Ear cover.

Side note: Mine take me about 1-2 hrs to make.

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