Introduction: Water Bottle Mouse Trap

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This is my first instruct able hope you enjoy

Step 1: Materials

Water bottle
2 rubber bands
2 sticks of some sort (I used blow gun darts)
Knife (box cutter works the best)
Multi tool

Step 2: Starting to Cut

Cut open the bottle where I'm cutting it open at

Step 3: Poke Holes

Poke holes where I'm doing it at ( I'm just doing it with the blow gun darts) but if that's not what your using you can use a needle

Step 4: Putting the Sticks and Rubber Bands On

You insert the sticks you are using into the holes you just poked and then you slide the rubber bands on either side then slide the rubber bands all the way tell they touch the water bottle

Step 5: Make the Trigger

First you get a pice of string( I used one of the inside strands of 550 cord) then u screw one end of the string into the cap and then tie a slip not in the other then you take a paper clip and bend it like I did

Step 6: Setting the Trap

You take the paper clip and use the plier end of the multi tule to put the paper clip into the hole you poked at the back end of the water bottle then take the string and the slip not that you tied and slide it over the paper clip and it is set and that's the end please vote for me

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