Introduction: Water Color Jewelry Dish

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Add some fun color and bling to your bedroom space with watercolor inspired jewelry dishes!

Step 1: Materials

What you will need to make these colorful, marbleized dishes are...

  • several colors of oven bake clay
  • X-acto knife or plastic clay knife (not shown)
  • oil based Sharpie marker (you can choose silver or gold)
  • glitter alphabet stickers
  • small rolling pin or glass (not shown)
  • small bowl to trace around (at least 6" wide) (not shown)
  • oven-safe bowl or ramekin
  • clear glaze

Step 2: Make the Bowls

First, take a few colors of clay that you want to use and roll each one into a small snake, about 4 to 6 inches long. Then, combine those color rolls together into one big roll and twist together.

At that point, you want to fold this snake in half and twist the two ends together. Then, roll that large twist into a new snake about twice the original length to combine the colors.

Now, squish the clay into a ball, and roll it out with a rolling pin so that's about 1/4" thick.

Finally, take a small bowl (or any other circle template), at least 6 inches wide and use it to trace and cut away a circle with an X-acto knife.

Step 3: Bake the Bowls

Now, it's time to bake the bowls! Place the clay circle into an oven safe bowl or ramekin and bake according to the directions on the clay package. My clay bakes at 275 degrees for 15 minutes. Once ready, take them out of the oven and allow to cool, before turning the ramekin over and taking the bowls out.

Step 4: Decorate the Bowls

Now, it's time for the bowls to be decorated! Use an oil-based Sharpie marker, in either silver or gold, to color the rim of the dish and allow to dry. Then, place a glitter alphabet sticker in the center.

Finally, seal the dishes with a clear glaze!

P.S. About the first image, sorry about the crack on the edge. I was just trying to get the bowl out of the ramekin after it has been baked. It got a little stuck, so I had to use a butter knife to slice it out. Also, I noticed that the paint markers were kind of drying out a little while I was trying to color in the edges, so don't worry about the edges being incomplete.

Step 5: Just Add Jewelry

Now, all there's left to do is add your jewelry! It does NOT have to be jewelry; you can also use your dishes to hold loose change or your keys if you prefer! It's a progressive item, so you use it however you want to!