Introduction: Water Color Nails!

This is a way to paint and design your nails using water! It is extremely fun and unique! It is also super easy!

Step 1: Materials:

You will need a cup, some toothpicks, colors of nail polish, a lighter color of nail polish (such as white), nail polish remover, cotton balls, and water. You can also use Q tips if you have any!

Step 2: Before You Can Begin...

Before you can begin, if you have nail polish on already you must remove it.

Step 3: Remove Old Polish

Remove all your old nail polish using some of the nail polish remover and a cotton ball. Make sure you get all of the nail polish off.

Step 4: All Clean!

Now that all of your old nail polish has been removed you can begin!

Step 5: The Base Coat

For this design you want to have a base coat of a really light color. This is used to give the layers ontop pop more!

Step 6: One Coat

Apply one even coat of the color you chose to be your base. Let it dry completely.

Step 7: Second Coat

With lighter colors you want to apply atleast two coats. You do not want to be able to see your nail through the base coat. Therefore, paint as many layers of the base coat as you need.

Step 8: Your Cup

After the base coat dries and you are satisfied with how it looks fill up your cup with water. It doesnt have to be all the way filled, just enough so you can comfortably put your fingers into the water.

Step 9: Your Other Colors

Next, you want to choose some colors to drop into the water. You can choose as many as you like. I usually only use two or three. Remember that these colors can be any colors you choose. This is your time to be creative!

Step 10: Dropping in the Polish

This is where it starts to get a little bit harder. You have to take one of your colors and gently drop a drop of polish onto the surface of the water. You dont want to drop it to close to the surface or the polish will drop to the bottom.

Step 11: Dropping in the Polish

You want to continue to drop your polishes into the water one by one.

Step 12: Dropping in the Polish

As you drop the polish in you should start to see a film of colors form onto the top.

Step 13: Designs

At this point you can swirl or draw lines into the polish. You want to do it quickly before the polish dries up.

Step 14: Applying the Polish

To apply the polish you just dip your finger into the water just deep enough to where your whole nail is under the water. Then you want to drag your finger to the side of the cup. Make sure you dont touch the sides of the cup with your nail.

Step 15: Your Design

After you pull out your finger it will look a little messy but we will fix that later.

Step 16: Cleaning Out the Cup

To remove the nail polish out of the cup just use a tooth pick to take it out. Gently stick in the tooth pick and stir it around, You can throw away the tooth pick.

Step 17: The Next Nail

After each nail you have to clean out the cup and drop new nailpolish into the water.

Step 18: Second Nail

You do the same steps (10 through 16) for each nail that you do.

Step 19: Designs

You do not have to do this with every nail if you do not want to. You can always just do one of them or even just two. However you like to do them.

Step 20: The Clean Up Process

After you have done all the nails you wanted to do, you probably notice all of the extra polish around the out side of your finger. It is ok we are about to clean that up.

Step 21: Cleaning Up

To begin cleaning up your nails you can use a cotton ball and some nail polish remover to remove as much polish off your skin as possible. Try not to get to close to the nail with it so you dont accidentaly rub it off your nail and mess up your design.

Step 22: Cleaning Up

You can use a Q tip and some nail polish remover to remove more of the polish closer to your nails if youd like.

Step 23: Cleaning Up

You probably noticed the Q tip is easier to clean up the edges of your nails. but if you dont have any it is ok.

Step 24: Cleaning Up

After you have removed all the excess nail polish wash your hands. This will get rid of the nail polish remover smell, as long as any polish that may have stained your skin.

Step 25: The Clear Coat (optional)

If you want to after it has all completely dried you can add a clear coat of nail polish onto all of your nails. This is an optional step. All clear nail polish does is preserve the design so it stays on longer. It is NOT manditory.

Step 26: Now Onto the Next Hand!

After you have completed the first hand you do the exact same things for the other hand!

Step 27: Extra Clean Up.

After you finished both hands, you can wash your hands again just to be sure you have all of that unwanted polish off from around your fingers.

Step 28: REMEMBER!

If one of your nails do not turn out how you like them, you can always just remove the polish form that finger and do it again!

Step 29: The End!

I hope you enjoyed this step by step and enjoy your nails!