Water Guns! 一齊整水槍!

Introduction: Water Guns! 一齊整水槍!

Happy Summer! Let's make some water guns with kids and play in this hot summer. This summer, MakerBay Foundation Team collaborate with BGCA Fanling Youth Center ran an water gun making workshop with a group of kids.

As I do some search online, I found there are various designs of water gun but no comparison of these guns. So I decided to build these and test and list out the pros and cons.

I made 3 versions. Two success and one fail.

- Soap dispenser pump gun

- Pistol gun

- Air pressurised water gun

Some inspirations from the internet:

夏天來了! 就讓我們和孩子們在炎熱的夏天一起玩水槍吧!
當我在網上搜索時,我發現有各種各樣的水槍設計,但就沒有這些槍的比較。 所以我決定自造這些水槍做測試,並列出它們的優缺點。 我做了3個版本。 有兩個成功,一個失敗。

- 肥皂樽泵槍

- 手泵水槍

- 氣泵水槍


Step 1: Soap Dispenser Pump 肥皂樽泵槍【fail 失敗】


  • soap dispenser bottle
  • bike tire inner tube
  • rubber tube
  • Plastic bottle


  1. I drill a hole on the water bottle and put the bike tire inner tube valve through the hole. I seal it using hot glue.
  2. Drill another hole for rubber tube connecting to soap dispenser pump head. Again, I seal it with hot glue
  3. Fill the bottle with 80% water
  4. Pump air in the bottle via the bike tire valve and press the soap pump head.


There are many leakage from both holes on the water bottle and the soap dispenser pump head. Pressure couldn't be trapped in the bottle. Water came out of the pump head without much force (shooting distance ~20cm...)

How did I try to fix it?

  • Add rubber disc on the hole and press down to avoid leakage --> Failed. Still cannot seal well.
  • As I learnt that a smaller nozzle size can concentrate water to shoot further, so I added a thin rubber tube to the pump head. --> Failed. Sealing problem again!

This is frustrating...hm...let's leave it first.


  • 皂液瓶
  • 自行車輪胎內胎
  • 橡膠管
  • 塑料瓶


  1. 我在水瓶上鑽了一個洞,把自行車輪胎內胎閥門穿過了這個洞。 用熱膠把它密封起來。
  2. 鑽另一個孔,用於連接皂液泵頭的橡膠管。 再次,我用熱膠密封它
  3. 用80%的水填充瓶子
  4. 通過自行車輪胎閥泵送瓶子中的空氣並按下肥皂泵頭。


水瓶和皂液泵頭上的兩個孔都有很多洩漏。 壓力不能被困在瓶子裡。 沒有太大的力量從泵頭出來的水(射擊距離~20厘米...)


  • 在孔上添加橡膠圓盤並按下以避免洩漏 - >失敗。 還是不能密封好。
  • 據我所知,較小的噴嘴尺寸可以集中水進一步噴射,所以我在泵頭上添加了一根薄橡膠管。 - >失敗了。 再次是密封問題!


Step 2: Pistol Gun 手泵水槍 【success 成功】

Materials & Tools 材料及工具:

  • Outer PVC pipe (inner diameter~40mm) x 1
  • inner PVC pipe (outer diameter~34mm) x 1
  • PVC T-joint (fitting inner PVC pipe) x 1
  • PVC end cap (for fitting outer PVC pipe) x 1
  • Rubber ring/ O ring x 2
  • PVC glue x 1
  • Thin wood sheet x 1
  • Vaseline x 1
  • Tissue paper
  • Hacksaw
  • Sanding paper (~4-6mm)
  • Orbital Sander
  • Tape measure
  • Hot glue gun
  • Coping saw
  • Drill + 5mm drill bit

Making of 製作過程:

Step 3: Pressurised Water Gun 氣泵水槍 【success 成功】

Materials & Tools 材料及工具:

  • Rubber tube ~ 30 cm long
  • Water Bottle x 1
  • Ball pump x 1
  • Binder Clip x 1
  • Scrap wood (depends on your design)
  • old ball pen x 1
  • 20mm PVC Pipe x 1
  • Zip tie x a few
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Drill + drill bit
  • screws

Making of 製作過程:

Step 4: Workshop With Kids 跟孩子一齊造

Here is how we run the water gun making workshop. As some kids are new to using tools, so we started with the simpler pistol gun version.

You can find the workshop rundown and more resources in this google slide:


以下是我們水槍製作工作坊的精彩片段。 由於有些孩子初次接觸創客工具,所以我們從簡單的手泵水槍版本作開始。



Step 5: Time to Have Fun! 有得玩喇!

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