Water Level Indicator With SMS Alert for Flood Detection

Introduction: Water Level Indicator With SMS Alert for Flood Detection

usually what happen in case of dams water level may be indicated but it is not informed at far away places or whenever flood condition arises the other place doesn't know the water level.

so for this the water level is indicated at same place and informed at far place using SMS feature.

Step 1: Component List With Quantity

transformer 12 - 0 - 12 × 1

connecting wire × 1

2 pin power supply connector × 1

GSM modem × 1

5 mm LED: Red × 3

Resistor 10k ohm × 1

at89c51 ic × 1

40 pin ic base × 1

bc547 transistor × 1

crystal 11.0592mhz × 1

33 pf × 1

1000uf × 1

10 uf × 1

Step 2: Code

The coding is done in EMBEDDED C

Step 3: Creating Level in the Bottle

here i am using a bottle for an example.

i have created three levels which have wires and at the bottom low voltage 5v supply is given which will be passed on to the level wire when water is inserted and reached that level.

Step 4: Circuit Designing

power supply :

it can be battery based it you want mobile unit and in remote areas and can be recharged through solar panel.

i have made it on power supply using 12-0-12 transformer then bridge rectifier circuit and 1000uf capacitor and 7805 regulator.

the power supply requirement of GSM modem is 12v and controller is 5 v.

Step 5: Circuit Designing - Part 2

the controller circuit is design in which we design the crystal section and the reset section

vcc is provided on pin 40

ground is provided on pin 20

Step 6: Designing Circuit - Part 3

led are interface with the controller and the gsm modem is interface

gsm modem has serial transmit pin which is interfaced with serial receive pin of controller and vice versa

the power supply of gsm modem is 12 v

Step 7: Working

firstly the sim is inserted in the GSM modem and the number is fixed in the microcontroller where the sms will be delivered

when the water is filled in the bottle the system will wait whether the first level is filled and sms accordingly

same procedure is followed for remaining two terminals

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    Question 3 years ago on Step 2

    how to insert code in gsm sir. i am confused.
    please messagge or inform me at 9861923824


    Answer 3 years ago

    Gsm only accept commands which are send by microcontroller, so i have added code for microcontroller which will send command to microcontroller to work

    kunal pandey
    kunal pandey

    5 years ago

    sir i want your contact number