Introduction: Water Pressure Logger With Arduino

Warning!!! Project is still in progress. Still collecting data and documenting.

I thought maybe someone will want to do some data logging on their home using this project.

Click on the link below to buy everything you need in one buy. I will set it up for you make sure it works before shipping to you.

Also, I attached documentation "ASIS" since I'm still working on it, feel free to take a look.

Step 1:

Graphing the water pressure reading on the Y-axis and date time

on the X-axis.

You can see how it started with no pressure on the water line until the valve was opened then water pressure present until the valve was shut off and fitting removed from the faucet. Very cool.

More graph showing toilet flush and shower events.

Step 2:

Example logger output.

May need some more work. But, it's good enough for this project.