Introduction: Waterbomb Base

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Like most people who are new to oragami and paper planes, I had no idea how to make a waterbomb base. After searching around, I found out how to make it and wanted to share it with other people who might have been like me. A waterbomb base is a certain fold used in intermediate to advanced oragami and paper planes. It takes one standard piece of printer paper, although many oragami projects need a square piece of paper.

Step 1: First Step

Fold one corner as far as you can, then the other. For a square piece of paper it will bring you to the opposite corner.

Step 2: Second Step

Fold vertically, unfold, then fold horizontally and unfold.

Step 3: Third Step

Fold diagonally on your earlier creases.

Step 4: Forth Step

This is the hard part. It's a little hard to explain, so refer to the pictures. You have to pinch the crease in the pictures and smooth it out evenly.

Step 5: Done!

You're done! An endless supply of oragami awaits you! Congratulations!

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