Introduction: Watermelon Pizza

Watermelon Pizza is a fun idea for parties/BBQs. You can even drizzle some vodka or whiskey on top to give it a bit of a kick ;-) So here it is...

Step 1: Ingredients..

1. Watermelon of course

2. You can use any fruit you want -I chose: Banana, apple, kiwi and grapes..

3. White cooking chocolate

Cut the watermelon with a big knife in to circles - as straight as you can and then divide it into as many slices as you want!

Cut the rest of the fruit in any shapes you like.. First I cut them into circles but as my watermelon was quite small - I had to make the other fruit even smaller.

Melt the white chocolate and drizzle on top of the watermelon ( to make it look like cheese) - pic above

In the end, decorate your watermelon with all your fruit and it's done. ( mint leaves would look nice on top but unfortunately I didn't have any to show)

p.s. You could also drizzle all of it with vodka or whiskey as mentioned above :-)

Step 2: The End Product..

And here it is.. Easy and fun! :-)

Step 3:

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