Introduction: Waterproof LED Lightstick

Here is the led lightstick that save you buying chemical light sticks which have not enough illumination. This lightstick is also waterproof that can be used underwater.

Step 1: Parts List

  1. PVC tube (1.5mm inner diameter 40cm total length)
  2. Green leds x8
  3. AAA battery holder x3
  4. Mini switch
  5. PVC end cap
  6. Epoxy glue

Step 2: Connecting the LEDs

First I cut the legs of the LEDs and soldered small piece of wires. Then I soldered 8 leds in parallel.

Step 3: Glueing the Battery Holders and Switch

After connecting the LEDs I glued three aaa battery holders in series with an epoxy glue. A switch was glued at the end of the battery holder. Finally I made the proper connections with soldering iron. I glued the switch to the drilled pvc end cap

Step 4: Inserting LEDs to the Pipe

Finally I lead through the leds inside the pipe. A little bit alcohol helped for lubrication. Later I put the batteries and sealed the upper end with some hot glue. I added waterproof switch cap on the switch. You can see its function underwater. A hook cam be attached to an end for a futher improvement.

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