Waterproof Trampoline Top for the Winter




Introduction: Waterproof Trampoline Top for the Winter

This project shows you how to build a waterproof top for your Trampoline. Sorry but I do not have a picture of it completed and the pictures that I do have are when I was taking it apart. In the end this weekend project adds a Waterproof top to your Tramp and makes it a cool Tent/Fort/Tramp.

I built this 3 years ago and I see that you can buy them now. Anyways....enjoy

Step 1: Measure and Go Buy the Parts

First off, this is for a Trampoline with sides on it.

1. Measure the width of the Trampoline and buy 1.5 inch white PVC pipe the is about 3 feet longer then your width. This will allow for a overhang like an eve on a house. You will need only half as many PVC pipes to Poles. Example: I have 6 poles on my Tramp so I only needed 3 PVC Pipes.

2. Buy some good nuts and bolts that will go through the PVC and your poles. Not too big in diameter. As you can see in my pictures there a quite small.

3. Buy 6 (in my case) long/ good bungie cords. These will hold the PVC pipe ends down and will create a dome.

4. Now figure out what size and color traps you are going to need. You will need 2 traps. One will need to be the 2 feet higher then your poles and the length needs to be the circumference of your Tramp. The other needs to be 5 feet more then your circumference. This trap will be the top and the other will be the sides.

It would be best to wait for the tarps to go on sale or use what you have.

This is kind of WT but it gets the kids out of the house. You should also put it in a part of your yard that your neighbors will not see it and buy a color that blends in.

Step 2: Add the PVC Pipes and Tarps

1. Measure in 1.5 feet in on both ends of the PVC pipe and drill holes through the pipe that will fit you bolts you have.

2. Now drill holes through the Tramp Poles 1 inch down from the top. Mine already had holes and Im sure yours does too.

3. Now hook one end of your bungie cords into the end of the PCV pipe and then wrap it around the tramp pole and back to the PVC pipe. (See image) This will pull the pipe down. Now do the same for the other side and all the other poles. This will create a dome effect.

4. Add the tarps.

Step 3: Hang a Handle for the Little Ones to Swing On

I also hung a handle from the center for the 5 year old to swing around on. As you kid/s get bigger you will have to add one 2 inch pipe to the dome so they don't invert the dome.

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    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    Have you got a picture of the finished product?

    How did you attach your canvas to the poles?

    Great idea and many thanks.


    7 years ago

    This is a great idea!