Introduction: Watertight Bag Magic Trick

This is a fun, easy magic trick that can be done in many different ways.

Step 1: What You'll Need

For this trick, you will need multiple pins, a Ziploc bag, and some water.

Step 2: Fill the Bag

Now, fill the bag 1/2 to 2/3 of the way. Water is surprisingly heavy; if the bag's sides get torn, you can use duct tape to fix it.

Step 3: Push the Pins

Finally, grab the pins and push them into the bag. Notice that the water doesn't leak out of the bag.

Step 4: Done!

Now that you have seen that the water doesn't leak, you can pull the pins out of the bag. Now, the water should leak, so don't worry about it. Unless you cover the holes with duct tape, you can't use the same bag for this trick again. Don't forget to look at the variations on this trick at the end of this Instructable.

Step 5: Variations on This Trick

You can also use a bigger bag and substitute the pins with pencils. Thank you for looking at this Instructable!