Introduction: Watertight Box to Keep Grill Stuff

About: I got hooked on pallet wood 2 years ago.Just find it very relaxing to make stuff in my woodshop.

I like to use my smoker on the weekends.I got tired of being nagged at for keeping my grill stuff in the living room.The problem was how to keep things dry.I thought about using pond liner for the inside,way to expensive.I came up with an alternative.This works just fine and should last a long time.Play nice with the power tools,keep your fingers.This is made from pallet wood.I designed this to hold two full bags of charcoal.

Step 1: Tools & Supplys


table saw

miter saw

caulking gun

staple gun

brad nailer


razor knife


aprox 72' of wood

tar paper

outdoor glue

outdoor stain

waterbase poly

spray glue

black waterproof caulking

Step 2: Cut and Rip Wood, Sand

This is pretty basic.A 16"x15" box.2' tall

Sides (24)2 1/2"X 24"

Bottom (6) 2 1/2"x14"

top(6)3"x 15 3/4"

lid sides(2)1 1/2" x16 3/4"

(2)1 1/2"X17"

You will also need to rip enough 3/4"x3/4" for bracing

give the wood a quick sand

Step 3: Build the Sides and Top

I built the sides first,do not build the box.Next build the top.The bottom was done last,I did not seal the bottom as I wanted to keep an airflow.

Step 4: Waterproof

Use tarpaper and a staple gun to attach paper to interior sides and underside of top.Use caulking where the paper meets the bracing.

Step 5: Put It Together

I nailed the sides together first,then the bottom.Make sure to square the box first before nailing the bottom boards.After its built use the caulking on the corners.

Step 6: Stain and Poly

Stain n poly,if you want to add a graphics,use spray adheasive and poly right over it.I grabbed the graphic from the net.

any? just ask

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