Introduction: Wearable Womens Guard (Intel IOT)

Women intimidation and Kidnapping are emerging as a greater threats in our modern society. Cases that were filed are gradually increasing which makes women feel insecure. Recent statistics says that about one-third of girls under the age of 18 and about one-tenth of children under age of 14 facing harassment problems in their day to day life. As it is difficult to monitor them after their doorstep, we are proposing a system to provide security to women when she feels that she is in panic situation.

Our Brain will generate different waves at various situations like Sleeping, day dreaming, Meditation, in Active conversation and during Hypertension. In these situations brainwaves like Delta, Theta, Alpha, Low and High Beta waves are generated.

Step 1: Introduction

Objective of our project is to create a wearable system that converts the feelings expressed by the victim into a tool that saves their life. Major response from body includes increase of heart beat, sweating, muscle contractions and adrenalin secretion. Limited with technologies that determines only the external responses, we design a system that measures muscle contraction, pulse rate and brain waves and with thresholds met alerts are produced to nearby police or neighbours through modules.

Our wearable device which measures pulses and facilitating technologies that takes different muscular activities as their input. But our system comprises use of all three systems through use of biomedical techniques such as electromyography, electroencephalography and pulse sensors.

Electromyography (EMG) is a used for evaluating and recording the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. The rhythm of heartbeat obtained due to artery dilation. Pulse can be used to determine the blood pressure and measured by feeling the arteries of the wrist or neck.

Electroencephalography (EEG) is the recording of electrical activity along the scalp. EEG measures voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current flows within the neurons of the brain.

Person has to wear these instruments in an unnoticeable way through which they can be monitored. For example brain wave sensors can be introduced in hair bands and pulse sensors at wearable band that makes them feel comfortable to use. Brain waves are considered as a secondary factor to ensure whether the person is in danger or not. If it reaches a saturation limit measurement values will be identified by Intel Edison development Board, under such situation current location will be tracked by GSM/GPS device will transmit the panic situation information to their concerned persons (relatives or police station). This helps in increasing women’s safety. Apart from women this system can be used for general security so as to stop kidnapping and suicidal attempts.

Step 2: Hardware Components

Intel Edison- It receives the different signal as electromyography, electroencephalography and pulse sensors.

Global Positioning System Module

Global System for Mobile communications module

Vibration Sensor

MYO - Electromyography

Nurosky Myndwave - Brain signals

Step 3: Tools Required



Step 4: MyoDuino Configuration

Before we get started, you’ll need the following items.

1, A Myo armband running the latest firmware

(Click Hear)

2, Intel Edison board

3, The Arduino software/IDE

4, A Windows PC 64 bit OS only (windows 8.1 and 10 is advisable

5, An Arduino project you want to to gesture-enable. with myoduino.

6, The MyoDuino project.

The Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime , if you don't already have that installed.

Note : vcredist_arm.exe may not work for some PC So Pls verify your Visualstudio

Step 5: Getting Started for Edison

This assumes you are somewhat familiar with Arduino programming.

1. Unzip the file you downloaded from the Myo Market.

2. In the file there are 2 directories. The Arduino directory contains an Arduino library, and the bin directory contains the executable program.

Step 6: Adding Library in Edison

To add the MyoController Arduino library go to Sketch-> Import Library->Add Library and select the MyoController folder.

Step 7: Importing Library for Edison

By importing the library a sample sketch is provided in the examples drop down menu.

Step 8: Connection for Edison

Once you are done upload your sketch to an Arduino. Leave the Edison connected via USB, this will be used for Serial communications

Step 9: Connection Verification

The go into the bin folder and double click the exe file. NOTE: You must have Myo Connect running.

Step 10: Serial Link

Once opened a connection window will pop up where you must change the COM Port to the one your Arduino is on. There is also a check box for Standard Double Tap Locking, when this is checked the Myo will unlock for a short time (the same way you use powerpoint) when a Double Tap is done. If this is disabled gestures will be sent to the Intel Edison at all times.

Step 11: Link Between MYO and Intel Edison

Once you have set the parameters you can click connect to start sending gestures to the Arduino. In the other window you will see the connection status, the current arm (R or L) and the current gesture.

Step 12: Intel Edison Interconnection

I used two Edison.. because both should work in serial1 for gps and also gsm... so i connectec first edison of 3rd digital pin to 2nd Edison of 3rd pin.....

First Edison 3rd pin is OUTPUT

Second Edison 3rd Pin is INPUT

Note : I used pattern as Pattern for Alert information to the guardians is


If this pattern is followed then it identifies GPS Location updates in cloud and also It makes call to the guardians....

for other patterns this will not work.....

Hence we planned to connect brain wave Soon I ll update with brain also in 1 month...

Thanks to all for viewing "WWG - Womens Wearable Guard"

Instead of doing as a project, We planned to do as wearable device... Soon I ll Post as a wearable Device....

My Sincere Thanks to Intel and also who supported me in Intel IOT Roadshow @ Pune.... Especially Naresh who made us to think...