Introduction: Weebo - the Martian Reconnaissance Bot

"Weebo" is the name for Dusten Vermette (left) and Austin Kelly's (right) robot control interface for the EF 230 Robot project fair presentation.

The Purpose:

The purpose of Weebo is purely safe and enhanced reconnaissance when a human may be in danger under the same conditions the robot could handle. By using Weebo, the pilot can safely navigate an area otherwise unreachable or unsafe for a typical person.


- Live video feed streamed to the pilot

- Safety measures in case of pilot error

- A professional GUI used to control the robot in many ways

- Detection of objects in front of the robot

- A Panoramic picture button to take multiple pictures around the front of the robot, allowing the pilot to view the landscape at more angles

Step 1: Connecting to Weebo

Connecting with Weebo is easier than ever! Simply run the code and you will then be prompted with the bot # for the roomba you wish to run Weebo on. Enter the number and hit okay. The robot should play a tone upon successful connection.

Step 2: Familiarize Yourself With the GUI

Welcome to Weebo's GUI! Here you can see the list of commands you have to exploit with your new roomba control panel. It features typical movement commands and a few other features, including:

- Moving forwards and backwards between 0.1 and 1 meter at a time

- Turning either the default 5 degrees right or left

- Turning a specified angle right or left (symbolized by the "(s)" on the button)

- Capture a series of images around the robot display them in a panoramic fashion.

Step 3: Moving Straight

By default, Weebo allows the pilot to move forward or backward 0.1 meters, 0.25 meters, 0.5 meters, and 1 meter. The default velocity of the movement is 1.5 meters/sec to ensure if a cliff is reached, the roomba can perform emergency measures on time to save the bot from a potentially devastating fall. Simply click the button and watch it go!

Step 4: Turning

For turning, the pilot has a little bit more customization. To turn, simply click the "Turn Left", "Turn Right", "Turn Left (S)", or "Turn Right (S)" buttons. By default, the Turn Left and Turn Right buttons will turn in their respective direction 5 degrees. The Turn Left (S) and Turn Right (S) buttons, however, will allow the user the input the degrees they wish to turn in that direction. This allows the pilot to turn as much as they wish.

Step 5: The Light Sensors

By now you have probably noticed the light sensor values are alternating between 0 and 1 while you move your robot. This is because during each straight movement, and after each turn movement, the bot will tell you if there is an object in front of it. This is for the benefit of the pilot, who may not see a small object directly in front of the bot, and will warn them of this.

Step 6: A Note About Emergency Protocols

I have mentioned previously that there are emergency protocols in place in case of pilot error or unforeseen circumstances. If for some reason the bumper of the roomba were to strike an object, Weebo would cancel the current movement command and back up the robot approximately 0.1 meters. The same would happen if the front of the bot were to go over an edge (on the front).

Step 7: The Camera

Upon pressing the "Pan" button, Weebo will take 6 pictures in front of her, putting them into a panorama style display. This will then be saved as "Pan.fig."