Introduction: Weezing Jack O Lantern

Hi guys, quick disclaimer. I am no artist, so this may not look as good as you pumpkins. So in this tutorial, I am going to show you how to make a weezing jack O lantern from Pokémon. You will need-
2 pumpkins (one bigger than the other)
A variety of knives
2 wood skewers or 8 toothpicks
Chisel (if you used the skewers)

Step 1: Cutting, Gutting, and Reference Image

Cut the top of the larger pumpkin and remove the guts, just like any other jack o lantern. You should also pick out a reference image to sketch on the pumpkin

Step 2: Sketching

Sketch the eyes as triangles, and put rectangles above them. That's where the eyebrows will go. Next draw the mouth and the skull. Again, I am not the best artist

Step 3: Carving

DO NOT CUT THE RECTANGLES. The eyebrows need to be mounted in the outline of the rectangles. Carve the skull and crossbones first because they are the hardest to carve. Next carve the mouth and the eyes.

Step 4: Mounting

If you are using toothpicks, skip the first paragraph.
Using your cut through the skewers. Cut each into quarters because you will need to mount eyebrows on the second head.
Drive each skewer into the designated eyebrow scraps. I assume you are carving in a group, if you are not, use scraps from the mouth. Drive each eyebrow into the rectangle outline using your hammer.

Step 5: Done... Sort Of

Hey, good job! You are done! Well, actually I lied. You still have another pumpkin to make another head. This one you want to use the smaller pumpkin for.

Step 6: Regut, Resketch, Recarve.

You want to repeat steps 1-4 almost in the exact same way except when you are carving the bottom detail, you want to do a circle instead of a skull and crossbones and a more closed mouth instead of an open one.

Step 7: Now You Are Done!

Good job! No, I'm not kidding this time. At this point I realized I play to much Pokémon. Your pumpkins should look great, and you will impress some kids who have played or play Pokémon. Special appearance by Gourdie Howe. If anyone got that hockey pun, leave a comment that says Gourdie.

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