Weight Training Instructions for Beginners




Introduction: Weight Training Instructions for Beginners

Weight Training Instructions for Beginners

By: Hamzah Niaz


There are many benefits that come with weight training. Weight training can change people physically and mentally for the better. Physically those who participate will have a better body. The training process keeps the weight off; it will burn of the calories and burn the fat. Your body will be stronger and fitter with body mechanics developed from muscle memory. Mentally, you will feel better about yourself. Your confident levels will raise due to your mental image of yourself. Your energy levels will be boosted and your overall mood will be improved. Also health wise, your body will be better. It has been proven that those who participate in weight training activities are less likely to be diagnosed in some health categories. Diseases such as cancer and diabetes are less likely to be in those who participate in such activities.

You have one life to live and one body to work with, so live life in the best possible body you can have.


Proper gym with at least minimal equipment such as bench press, weight plates, free weights, squat rack, and barbell. Time and dedication needed for results.


[Figure 1.]

Misuse of equipment can cause serious injuries or even possible death. Follow the workouts as instructed to avoid bad circumstances.


Workout six days a week and the other day would be used as a rest day. There are six primary sections of the body that needs to be worked on. You will perform one each day in any order that you want. You will do five to seven workouts of the specified body part each day. During your workouts, you will choose a weight that best fits you. You will try to get between 6-10 reps with 10 being your main goal. If you reach 10, go up weight for your next set.

Every day before you start lifting, you will stretch and do a cardio exercise so that you can get your blood pumping. It is important you do something before lifting so that you prepare yourself mentally and physically. Also it will prevent injuries and muscle strains. Stretch the body section of the day thoroughly.

The Following are the six main sections that need to be worked on. A list of workouts will be under each section and you should perform a certain amount that you have decided.

Some of the workouts can be repeated but in a slightly different way. There are only so much workouts you can do, so there are workouts you can do in a different way depending on the equipment available to you. Generally each workout in the section is performed the same since same movement is to be done.

Chest- bench press, incline bench press, chest flies, dumbbell press, incline dumbbell press, and decline press.

[Figure 2 and 3.]

The photos above are showing how to bench. Showing when the press is down and up.

Biceps- bar curls, hammer curls, preacher curls, normal dumbbell curls, and incline curls.

[Figure 4.]

The photo above is showing arm curls.

Triceps- Dips, close grip bench, triceps arm extension, skull crushers, and cable extensions.

[Figure 5]

The photo above is a triceps workout performing triceps pull down

Shoulders- barbell press, dumbbell press, shoulder side flies, shoulder front flies, and shrugs.

[Figure 6 and 7]

The photos above is dumbbell shoulder press.

Back- lat pull down, back extensions, seated rows, straight arm pull down, and barbell rows.

Legs- squats, deadlift, leg press, leg curls, leg extension, and calf raisers

[Figure 8 and 9]

The photos above is performing deadlift.

To intensify the workout, you can add sets, reps, weight, lower rest between sets and also perform supersets with each workout.


Use the process and continue. See progress every week and watch improvement. Once you grow out of the process, up reps and sets you perform. As you learn more, workout becomes more flexible and you can start doing what you like/prefer to perform. Proper diet could help and improve your strength and body. You can watch and record what you eat and drink. Suggest you use an app. A good app to use is myfitnesspal.

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    Tip 2 years ago

    I would recommend getting someone experienced to show you the proper form for each lift first and to go with minimum reps/weight until you get a routine going. It's too easy to hurt yourself with weight lifting!


    6 years ago

    Those are good tips :)