Introduction: Weight Watchers Friendly Orange Julius

Hello! Are you doing Weight Watchers? Need a sweet drink, but cant afford the high points? Im doing Weight Watchers and was upset I had to give up alot of my favorites, just to find a lighter version or nix it all together. My second day on WW I went to my local Dairy Queen, and before I ordered I checked what a Orange Julius would be point wise. Here's the breakdown:

Small Orange Julius: 4 points

Medium: 5 points (I got this one, luckily having the point room for it)

Large: 8 points (?!?!?! Whoah, where did the extra points come in?! If you can explain this, by all means do.)

Crazy right?

Well, I fixed that crazy points problem for the Orange Julius. And it tastes delicious! All you need is:

1 Weight Watchers French Vanilla Slim Packet
1 or more Oranges
Water and Ice

Step 1: Get the Blender!

Now, according to the box, there are two ways to prepare a WW smoothie, in a blender, or in a shaker bottle. Get the blender.

Also, I prepared the 2 point version, not the 4 point milk version. You could do the 4 point version, but the 2 point version is just as tasty!

Now, following the preparation instructions.

8 fluid ounces of water (what i did was 1 cup ice in a glass measuring cup and filled up the empty space with water) goes into the blender.

Add the smoothie powder and use the blender to crush the ice until it is smooth.

Step 2: Add the Orange

Get an orange and peel off the peel and pull apart the wedges. Put the wedges in the blender and puree it so its one with the french vanilla smoothie.

Step 3: Pour Into Glass and Enjoy!

Pour into a glass, add a straw, and enjoy your 2 point Orange Julius!

If its too light in orange flavor (we're aiming for a orange creamsicle taste), add more orange wedges. You could also add more crushed ice. Water and Ice both are 0 points, as well as the Oranges. The 2 points come from the packet.

I had my brother sample the WW Orange Julius and he said it tasted really good. I hope you enjoy this light version of the Orange Julius!