Introduction: Weird Organic Fertilizer

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What plants that are healthy and grow fast but dont want to spend lots of money for most organic fertilizers and dont want to harm your plants using cheaper inorganic fertilizers this is the project for you

Step 1: So What Is This Fertilizer?

This is a fertilizer that organic and made from stuff found in the house or are usually just thrown away and are used to make a cheap quality liquid fertilizer/

Step 2: Why Is It So Weird?

the fertilizer is a little weird because one of the main ingredients is human urine yes you read write pee. you probably think this is gross but it really is not its actually a very good source of many nutrients that your plants need because as your body filters out excess nutrients this is where those nutrients end up in your toilet bowl so why not use it. before you say it is not healthy to dumb urine in your plants its actually not true, you see urine when it leaves your body us actually sterile unless you are sick but as long as you are healthy your urine is very clean.

Step 3: What Is in the Fertilizer and What You Need to Make It

looks at the notes on photos for materials

Step 4: Add Water

Step 5: The Egg Shells

Step 6: The Banana Peels

  • chop banana peels this helps the nutrients leave the peels and go into the water
  • once the peels are chopped add them to the water

Step 7: Add Molasses

Step 8: Add Urine

Step 9: Let Sit for 24 Hours

Step 10: Ready to Use

  • after 24 hours fill your water can and water your plants with the fertilizer
  • watch your plants grow

Step 11: Thanks for Viewing

  • if you like this leave me a comment i like reading peoples comments
  • let me know how your plants like the fertilizer.
  • if you like this please help me out by voting for this project in the contests it is entered in :)

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