Introduction: Welding Chipping Hammer Stainless Steel - DIY

Welding Slag Chipping Hammer Stainless Steel


Blade 190x40mm

Shaft Ø10.5x155mm (at reality it was Ø10.47mm)

Handhold Ø18x115mm Including the corian ring (105+10mm)

Step 1: Tools


Remember Safety First.

Welding Cutting and Grinding Tools are Dangerous!

Do it at your own Risk!

Use Always the Suitable Protective Equipment.

Welding Machine - Mask - Gloves

Drill Press - drill vise

Angle grinder 115mm 4 ½” or 125mm 5” Angle grinder 180mm 7”

Cutting disk according to grinder ø115 x 1mm & 3mm/ø4 ½” x 0.04” or ø125 x 1mm/ ø 5” x 0.04”

Abrasive flat flap disk

Belt Grinder
Die Grinder (plus ø20mm consumables)

Abrasive Polishing machine

Tape measure, Caliper

Drill Bits ø3 - 3.3 - 4 - 4.2 - 7 - 10mm

Hole saw ø22mm

Center punch ø3mm, Pen Scriber

Circle Center Finder Tool

Flat File

Taps set M4x0.7mm & M5x0.8mm

Tap handle

Countersinks (two sizes)


Bench Vise

Sand Paper

Emery Cloth

Scotch-Brite Num.7447

Step 2: Materials

All materials are stainless steel
Round bar: Ø10.5x185mm - Ø18x105mm

Flat bar or sheet metal strip: 45x200x4.3~4.5mm Final thickness after cleaning & polishing about 4~4.2mm

Bolts: 1pcs M4x10mm - 1pcs M5x20mm

Electrodes: E316L or any stainless steel that you have (needed less than one electrode)

Corian: 30x60x12mm or you can use brass or copper to make the rings

Step 3: Plans

You can print the photo or you can remake the plan by own.

Step 4: The Build

I designed the blade, printed in natural size and stuck over the blade.
With a fine punch I marked the centers of the contour nodes and drew the lines using a pencil scribe.

For the marking of the two curves I used a 10 cent euro coin (dia 19.75mm).

I did the cuts with an angle grinder and refine them using a file.

By a die grinder I refined the curves using Ø20mm consumables.

By a belt grinder I machined the faces of the blade removing all scratches and marks.

At the end it polished at an abrasive polishing machine.

I haven’t a lathe, so the drilling at the drill press is one way root for me.

But isn’t a so difficult job, neither a so critical If the center point of the hole isn’t 100% at the real center of the Ø18 axle.

So I set up a device with any I had on hands at the drill press bed.

Using my Circle Center Finder Tool I found the center of the axle.

You can see a How to at my Instructables project:

DIY Circle Center Finder Tool, Stainless Steel Made.

All the rest it was just a matter of perpendicularity and securing.

I decided to make the hole 10mm and not 10.5mm

because in fact it would definitely be a little bigger maybe 10.65 ~ 10.8mm.

Also one of my Ø10mm drill bits it was a short one and I thinking and less vibration.

Ι started with Ø4mm drill bit next Ø7mm and last Ø10mm.

Finally the hole was done Ø10.12mm.

Using the drill press and a file, I machined the one end of Ø10.5mm axle, to Ø10.1mm at the last 35~40mm.

I don't want to weld the two pieces together, so to be able to change the rings if damaged for some reason.

Also I have into my mind to replace them at a later time with brass or copper made rings.

I cut to length the two axels according to my needs.

Shaft Ø10.5x155mm - Handhold Ø18x105mm.

At the Ø10.5mm axle at the top of the shaft I made a 4mm notch where the blade will be placed. Using a screw I secured the blade to the shaft. Tack welds the blade with the shaft and took out the screw. Completed the welds and filled the hole that I had made for the screw.

I put the shaft in the Handhold and made an Ø3.3mm hole without digging out the opposite side. On the shaft I threaded M4 thread and on the handle I increased the hole from Ø3.3mm to Ø4mm. In the center of the lower part of the Handhold I made a hole 4.2mm and threaded M5 thread.

From a Corian piece using a hole saw 22mm I cut two pieces for the rings.

Using the drill press, I machined the two pieces and make them rings.

Please view the video carefully before proceeds to build without jumps.

Thanks for your reading.

Good Luck if you try it.

Never say I can't do it.

Necessity is the mother of invention.


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