Wetsuit Phone Sock

Introduction: Wetsuit Phone Sock

If you've got an old bootie lying around which you've grown out of here's something you can do with it!

For this project I used my nokia phone but if you wanted it would be just as easy to do it with a smartphone/iphone as you would could just cut out some more material.

Step 1: Materials:

1. An old wetsuit or bootie
2.some waxed thread,(we find this works better then normal thread but you can still use that.)

so not much :)

Step 2: Getting the Right Shape

The handy thing about wetsuit material is that it is quite stretchy so if you want your phone sock to have a cosy fit, you can stretch it over the phone a bit when getting the fit.

cut the material from the bootie then figure out how your phone would sit best in it,

then straighten the edges and make sure the fit is nice and snug.

Step 3: Stiching

I didn't want my phone sock to have a ridge in it as I wanted it to be smooth so I used the overhand stich as you don't need to fold the material over it's self to do it :).

When stitching down the sock just push the needle through one side of the material and push it from underneath into the other side. Then start again on the side you started on before. If you do this right you should see the thread going over the material.

Step 4: Stiching the Bottom

use the overhand stitch all the way along the bottom till you reach the end.

and your sock is finished, I left my stitching a bit loose so I tightened it by pulling the end then redoing the knot.

Hope you liked this instructable! :)

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    Nice job, I will show this to my dad since he has like 3 different wetsuit booties that he lost the other one, haha.