What Is It Like to Be a Renaissance Age Inventor?

Introduction: What Is It Like to Be a Renaissance Age Inventor?

This project is about recreating a hand sized flying machine, using pictures and diagrams of flying contraptions from the Renaissance time period. This project is geared for individuality. Its purpose is to give students freedom to use their imagination, while giving them an indirect lesson on what it was like to be a scientist and inventor in history.

Lesson Objective: Recreate a hand sized model of a historical flying contraption so the student can demonstrate a basic knowledge of renaissance age science influence toward aviation.

     Building supplies (we had sticks, straws, toothpicks, string, glue, newspaper, plastic bags, and scissors at our disposal)
     Computer (internet)

Pre-step: pair up the students by last name, a-z, b-y, c-x, etc.

Step One: The students are to access the internet on a computer and look through pictures and diagrams of flying machines of the Renaissance time period.

Step Two: After studying the pictures, have the students sketch their own picture of a flying machine with pencil and paper, drawing on ideas from the pictures they previously looked at. (Highly encouraged to use their own ideas also, so as to get the full experience)

Step Three: Once the sketch is complete have the teacher assess the sketch, making sure the student is keeping on track. At this point the student should point out what parts of their design was inspired by previous scientists, who those scientists are, and other parts that are uniquely their own.

Step Four: After the sketch has been approved, the students are to begin creating the contraption that they sketched out on the previous picture, using the supplies provided. Make sure they do not hesitate to alter the sketch if they find their design to be impractical to create.

Step Five: After the craft has been completed, the students are suppose to explain to the class what they went through to get to their end product. Have the presentation go through each step.

Step Six: The student will be allowed to attempt to make their flying contraption fly from a predesignated area.
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