Introduction: What to Do With Your Last Match.

Seeing the instructables on fuses I thought I will make a similar one with just a length of string.This 'Fuse' took me 6 seconds to make.

Note this is not really a fuse.I'm only using the term fuse as I don't have a better way of referring to it

This is useful if you want to light several things like Cigarettes , fireworks and other stuff but you only have one match to do it all. I have attached a video to show how easy it is. This fuse is very safe and can burn for a long time but the cons is that it doesn't produce a enough energy for lighting bigger stuff (like charcoal ).

Step 1: Light Your String.

Really all you need to do is light your string and kill the fire by shooting it with your finger or blowing it out(as shown in the video).

Disclaimer:Do this at your own risk.(not that it's a risky process)