What to Pack in Your B.O.B.!!!




Introduction: What to Pack in Your B.O.B.!!!

This is what you should pack in your Bug out bag!

Step 1: What to Have in Your Bag?

What most people ask in preparing for a survival situation is "What do I want in this bag?" or "What do I need?".First what you need is are in the five keys to survival 1.Water, 2.Shelter, 3.Fire, 4.Food, 5.State of mind!

We will together go over these simple steps in preparing your B.O.B. and yourself for survival.I will explain in 5 segments of the keys to survival and some extra survival tips so when the time comes your are ready.

Step 2: Water and Food

Let's say that a disaster happens and you grab your the family B.O.B. and go down to the basement with your family and your children and there friends.As you start to ration out what is in there you realize that you didn't prepare for every possible contingency and you don't have enough food for everyone!The human body is a delicate thing and without the right portions of food and water then the body can't fully operate at maximum efficiency.Always have extra food and water in a survival situation because you never know who you will find or might have with you at the time.To solve this problem what I have are two big jugs of water one jug for consumption the other for sanitary or cleaning purposes.Let's say that the zombie apocalypse happens and you don't have water what then?What you need to do is get to a river and make sure that you have a way to filter the water for safe consumption my primary use would be fire, but we will get into that later.

Food is pretty self explanatory all you need to know how to do is hunt, fish, or gather!To do this you need tools to kill, skin, and gut the animal for safe consumption.To gather fruits and berries would be a more last resort skill due to how hard it is to determine which ones are safe to eat and which ones are not.I would only do this if you know your plants very well even though you could easily mess up eat with care.

Step 3: Shelter

Know that you know what to drink and eat I would suggest a shelter and some fire to keep you warm and safe.Lets focus on shelter there are many types from lean-to and teepees, etc. My main go to shelter would be a tarp or canvas tent.Some others are a poncho lean-to, a poncho tent using an overhanging branch, a poncho tent with an A frame, a one man shelter, and a debris hut.

Step 4: Shelter Contd.:Poncho Lean-to and Poncho Tent W/overhanging Branch

In this step I will show you how to build the two most basic shelters.First the poncho lean-to which is made by first you need to tie off the hood of the poncho second pull the drawstring tight next roll the hood longways fold it into thirds then tie it off with the drawstring.

Cut the rope in half on one long side of the poncho, tie half of the rope to the corner grommet tie the other half to the other corner grommet. Attach a drip stick (about a 10-centimeter stick) to each rope about 2.5 centimeters from the grommet. These drip sticks will keep rainwater from running down the ropes into the lean-to. Tying strings (about 10 centimeters long) to each grommet along the poncho's top edge will allow the water to run to and down the line without dripping into the shelter. Tie the ropes about waist high on the trees (uprights). Use a round turn and two half hitches with a quick-release knot. Spread the poncho and anchor it to the ground, putting sharpened sticks through the grommets and into the ground.

To make the other poncho tent you need to first tie off the poncho hood in the same way as the poncho lean-to.Tie a 1.5- to 2.5-meter rope to the center grommet on each side of the poncho. Tie the other ends of these ropes at about knee height to two trees 2 to 3 meters apart and stretch the poncho tight. Draw one side of the poncho tight and secure it to the ground pushing sharpened sticks through the grommets. Follow the same procedure on the other side.

I got these instructions from http://www.wilderness-survival.net which is a good place to look for survival tips for the apocalypse prep-per.

Step 5: Fire

Know you got you're water food and shelter you're good right?The answer is no how are you going to stay warm or protect yourself from dysentery when you drink from the stream or heat up your food so you don't get food poisoning.You need fire!Fire is a major part in survival to keep you healthy and warm.There are many ways to make a fire my way is to use a camp stove so I don't attract looters or animals because it doesn't give off smoke but before you go off and buy an $80 dollar stove you can easily make one for 60 cents!(Watch the video to make one)

This design does run on alcohol so you can use your wife's perfume or just go buy a bottle of Jack Daniels.This is very compact.

I suggest watching www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Okm_irIXFw to make one of these stoves!

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    I would like to make a better B.O.B. that is lighter and can fit in your pocket


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    Everyone needs a good B.O.B! Thanks for sharing your's and welcome to the Instructables community!