What's the Difference? Demi, Pointe and Flats

Introduction: What's the Difference? Demi, Pointe and Flats

About: I have been dancing most of my life, and I am going to try and bring a few of my 'tips and tricks' into the spotlight!

A lot of people know, but many don't.

Hope you like!

Step 1: Pointe Shoes (top)

Let's start at the end!
~ Satin
~ Flat tip
~ Hard box
~ Vamp
~ Drawstring
~ Laces (sewn on by you)
~ Elastic (preferable)

Step 2: Pointe Shoes (base)

Lets start at the bottom!
~ Sole
~ Glue
~ Sewing
~ Shank
~ Satin

Step 3: Flats (Ballet Shoes) Top

Lets start at the top,
~ Leather
~ Fabric
~ Drawstring
~ Elastics and or Laces
~ Fabric sole

Step 4: Flats (Ballet Shoes) Bottom

At the bottom-
~ Leather sole (split or full)
~ sewing
~ Leather

Step 5: Demi Pointes Top

At the tip of the shoe-
~ Flat end
~ Soft box
~ Drawstring
~ hard sole (NOT shank)

Step 6: Demi Pointes Base

At the base of the shoe we have-
~ Leather
~ Glue
~ Satin

Step 7: By the Way

Do not go en pointe in demi pointes! I know it is fun, but it is possible to break your ankle, so please dont! :D thanks for reading.

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    4 years ago

    what model of pointe shoes and demi pointe shoes do you use?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, those pointe shoes are beautiful. I use Sansha Premiere.