Introduction: Wheelbarrow Made From Plastic Barrel.

About: Twin brothers Gordon and Edward. We love all things outdoors and learning to be as self sustainable as possible, but in an urban area. Join us at FoodForThought on YouTube.

1- Get a plastic barrel that can be cut up. Take a skill-saw or other cutting tool to cut the barrel in half.

2- Get 2 U shaped bolts to bolt it onto the dolly. Simple.

Step 1: Now Just Use in Areas Required.

I don't own a wheelbarrow, so this conversion has helped me so much doing work in the garden.

Step 2: New Planters

Do the same again. Take the other half barrel and cut in half again and screw it onto a back board. Then fill with compost and plant lovely flowers etc once the spring comes.

So one barrel has made a wheelbarrow and 2 planters. All for free.

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