Introduction: Wheeldock - Safe Steering Wheel Smartphone Holder

Not being satisfied with phone holders available I decided I would create my own.

Sitting in the drivers seat of my car, I thought, where would be the best place for my iPhone to be?
I wanted the phone to be close so I could see it and close enough to touch it, yet outside my normal viewing range.

I looked around the car and it became abundantly clear to me. The holder I create would place the phone at the center of the steering wheel.

While I knew an airbag was underneath the hub cover, I also knew that in over 20 years of a lot of driving, I never had an air bag deploy. I realized that the probability of an air bag deploying was fairly low.

Even though the chance might be low, if it did happen I wanted to make sure the phone wouldn't hurt me or my Wheeldock phone holder prevent the airbag from working normally.

For more than 12 months I carefully studied air bags and deployment, and pondering the design of the holder, I arrived at a design which incorporates a load rated safety tether strap and a 'fall away' design which works to achieve those objectives.

Well. I made it.  For 18 months, practically every day, I've used Wheeldock to hold my phone.
Like anything new, I adjusted to it, and explored features on the phone which make the whole thing work brilliantly.

Because I enjoyed it so much, I shared with colleagues, friends and family.  They're now using a Wheeldock too.
Being able to use their phone as a GPS and browse the web or an email occasionally (and quickly) were great benefits.
Wheeldock doesn't interfere at all with the natural steering and driving motions of the driver. It really is pretty neat.

To enable others that might not be completely satisfied with their phone holder, or just want to try out something better, I set up a website to offer Wheeldock at a reasonable price.