Introduction: Whipped Strawberry Milk

whipped strawberry milk is something based off of whipped coffee, a trend I saw happening a lot on tiktok. I don't really like coffee though, but one day I saw someone making whipped strawberry milk so I decided i'd share it on here.

Step 1: Get Your Ingredients!

What you'll need:

2 Tbs Nesquik strawberry milk powder

2 Tbs heavy whipping cream

You can normally find all of the above at any grocery store unless they're out of course.

Step 2: Mixing!

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl with an electric hand mixer, you can mix with a normal whisk but that'll take a while

Mix for about a minute until you feel like it has a whipped cream consistency

Step 3: Enjoy Your Drink!

Pour as much whipped strawberry milk you want on top of some cold milk and enjoy, I mainly make this drink for the ~aesthetic~ but still enjoy!

So turns out doesn't look that good, I think if you use warm milk it will actually make the whipped cream float like whipped cream on hot chocolate