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Introduction: Whiskey Ice Tongs

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I have been striving to create the perfect whiskey set. I made my own whiskey stones and Bignoza provided me with the plans to make mini pallet coasters. All that was missing was a matching set of creative and unique ice tongs. I wanted something rustic, and more importantly, something fun!

After much brainstorming the answer ultimately ended up being so simple! Create ice tongs based off of ye olde timey ice tongs used to haul huge bricks of ice from the rivers; just in a tiny ice cube size! No better way to feel rustic and rugged while serving up a glass of smooth whiskey!

Step 1: Shape Your Tongs!

I found that bbq skewers had the perfect shape to start working with as they provided a nice finger loop. I used some cheap ones from the dollar store since they were a bit thinner and easier to bend.

I drew out a general shape I was aming for and bent the tongs as best I could to match. Do one for each side and the hard part is done.

Step 2: Final Assembly

It works great to rivet the two sides together with some wire to maintain a pivoting action. Mark off the center point with a sharpie and very carefully drill out the holes. Patience and cutting oil really help out here.

I used some copper wire that fit the drilled holes. My riveting was a little sloppy but I gave up after hitting my fingers too many times. It holds together and moves well so I'm satisfied.

Step 3: Cheers!

It works great with regular ice cubes as well as fancy whiskey stones. Pour your favorite drink, drop in a few cubes, and enjoy!


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    8 years ago

    These are so cool! Now i have to make two of your instrucables haha, all for whisky


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I have no idea what whiskey stones are, but I imagine that's where the saying "On the rocks" comes from?

    Also, way cool man.


    Reply 8 years ago

    Whiskey stones are stone (usually soapstone) cubes that can be frozen and placed in drinks so as not to water down your beverage