Introduction: White- Breasted Nuthatch Bird House

This is a fun project for you and your kids to do!

You will need-



-Circular Saw

-Miter Saw

-Staple Gun

-Paint Brush

And finally the most important piece,


Step 1: Measure Your Wood

Roof- 2 Boards- 12 inches Each

Bottom- One Board- 9 inches long 10 inches wide Side Boards- 2 boards- 10 inches tall 9 inches wide Face- 2 boards- 12 inches tall and 9 inches wide.

Step 2: Cut Your Wood

Use a miter saw to cut all of your wood but the face.

Cut the 10 inch sides at a 20 degree angle

To cut the face use a circular saw

Step 3: Sand the Wood

Use a sander and sand the front, back and

sides of the wood u til it is smooth to the touch (This may take some time)

Step 4: Attachment

To attach your sanded pieces you need to use wood glue and a staple gun.

Use the glue to bind the peices together so they are sealed for weather. while holding them together use the staple gun to place 3-6 staples in the wood to secure it.

If any pieces are sticking out use a hammer to bend them down so they don't poke the bird.

Step 5: Painting

To paint the house use a paint brush and any colored paint. cover the whole house and leave it to dry