Why You Should Forget Everything You Know About a FAN

Introduction: Why You Should Forget Everything You Know About a FAN

Get ready to have your very reality shaken with this incredible new design that is fun for any household

Step 1: Tools and Parts

1. Drill

2. Functioning Fan with removable cage

3. Duct tape

4. addressable RGB LED strip

5. Arduino

6. Solder

7. Soldering Iron

8. Scissors

9. 9 Volt battery

10. Wiring

11. Reinforced cardboard

Step 2: Deconstructing FAN

1. Remove the fan cage. Different fans will have different methods of taking off the fan cage, but most should come off easily.

2. Remove the piece in the middle of the fan that the blades attach to, and cut off the fan blades.

Step 3: Build the LED Base

1. Cut a piece of particle board in the shape shown above, allowing room for an ardunio to be attached on one side.

2. Drill a hole the size of the screw protruding from the fan in the middle of the particle board.

3. On the wider side, securely attach the arduino to the particle board, and on the smaller side secure a 9 volt battery.

Step 4: Soldering

1. Attach both contacts with wiring on the LED's with soldering so both will light up

2. Solder negative side of 9 Volt to the wire than attach other side to the V IN of arduino

3. Solder positive side of 9 Volt to wire than attach other side to ground of arduino

4. 5V Lead attach to 5V on arduino power

5. GND Lead attach to GND on arduino power

6. Then middle Lead Din goes to 12 on arduino

Step 5: Attach to Fan

1. Unscrew centerpiece of fan to expose the axis on which the blades rotated

2. Place the LED base you just finished soldering at the axis

3. Make sure LED's are pointing out away from the fan

4. Attach securely with tape/glue and then screw back on centerpiece

Step 6: Turn the Lights Real Low

1. Plug in fan

2. Secure to ground firmly sense when turned on may move

3. Turn off the lights

4. Turn on the fan and watch as an incredible halo of colors appear

Step 7: Lighting (Optional)

Download arduino coding for LED's onto a computer and change the colors that light up on the LED's and when they light up

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