Introduction: Why Your Dog Acts "Guilty"

In 2013, I tried moving to a state down south where I had family. I had plans of settling there. I started up my dog training business but ran into problems from the very beginning. It seemed that people there thought nothing of beating on their dogs. And as a Positive Reinforcement trainer and animal lover- that went against every grain in me. I found myself doing nothing but trying to educate people not to abuse their animals. And of course, my business was failing since my customers did not agree with my ideas.

This video, Why Your Dog Acts "Guilty" is one of the last videos I made on the subject before I was forced to move back to the Washington DC area where I could earn a living as a dog trainer. Here, people, for the most part, just seem to understand, It is not right to beat on your dog or any animal.

If you come home to a puddle or pile on the floor and your dog is cowering in the corner - It is not their "guilt". It is fear.

I wish people could get it.