Wicked Witch of the East

Introduction: Wicked Witch of the East

I love Halloween! I always wanted to have legs and hands hanging out car but they were so pricey, so I made them myself and it wasn't your typical hands and feet it was an iconic symbol many of us Love " The Wizard of Oz's" Wicked witch of the East.

It's so simple it's crazy!

The dollar store is the best for cheap items to make simple things.


1 Dollar store water noodle

1 pair of black knee highs

white acrylic paint, and red

From Party city or the halloween places Dorthy red children shoes that just lay over top of other shoes

thin cardboard

And Zip ties

Cut noodle to fit in socks ( not to long) they will be hanging out front or back of car, Hood or the trunk.

Use excess to make feet, cutting at angles.

Paint strips on socks with noodles inside so it is easier, let dry.

Once dry peel of sock and put feet parts in then put leg parts back in, knot at top.

Now trace feet on cardboard, cut out and paint red to put on bottom of legs.

slip shoes on feet and glue cardboard to bottom of legs.

Push zip ties through legs and attach to grill or license plate. Open up trunk or hood and do the same with zip ties.

Just to take it a step further I got a witches hat and put on my trunk.

Have fun.... Boo!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    It looks like your car has partially eaten the Wicked Witch of the East!

    Ha ha! So clever and simple. Nicely done!