Wide Beam Laser Pistol

Introduction: Wide Beam Laser Pistol

I have the tendency to start too many projects at the same time. This laser pistol was about 80 percent finished when it was shelved about (GULP) 14 years ago. If it wasn't for this contest, it would probably still be sitting in my shop collecting dust. I don't know if I even have all of the original parts I made. It will probably look and operate a little differently from what I originally had in mind. When powered up, it is fairly powerful but has a tendency to overheat. I'm currently working on that problem though.


A not quite finished laser pistol.
Extra brass rods.
Soldering station.
High capacity batteries
Oscilloscope/testing equipment
Assorted button & socket cap fasteners.
Assorted drill bits.
Strapping of some sort
Sandpaper, 120-400 grit
Metal lathe
Drill press

Step 1: What a Mess

I used compressed air to blow off many years of dust, sawdust and dirt. FYI, always cover your projects if you plan on storing them for awhile. I really couldn't organize these parts because I can't remember exactly how everything went together. Plus I think there are missing pieces. Oh well.

Step 2: Finish the Heat Radiator

The first part to finish is the rear heat radiator. Most of the original parts are machined from aluminum and then anodized black. Now the leading edges of the fins are machined away to reveal the aluminum for a nice contrast. Drill and tap for 1/4-28 threads and attach.

Step 3: Refining the Trigger

The trigger needs to have all edges rounded and shaped until smooth. Then a final polishing creates a pleasing feel.

Step 4: Fitting the Front Plate

I couldn't figure out why I made this 3 inches in diameter. To make it fit properly, it had to be re-machined down to 2.5 inches. At this point, I could have it anodized again or leave the edge bare aluminum. The contrast may work for this part.

Step 5: Polishing the Front Strap Attachment

Here is the front attachment piece for the shoulder strap. This was made from 1/8 inch thick brass plate. 14+ years of dirt and tarnish need to be sanded and polished. Start with 180 grit sandpaper and finish with 320. No need for a mirror finish, just a little polishing.

Step 6: Machining 3 Couplers

These 3 rear couplers are machined from 1/2 inch brass rod and threaded for 10-28 fasteners.

Step 7: Trigger Housing

The trigger housing consists of a solid 5/8 inch brass rod bored out with a 1/2 inch drill bit. The other end is rounded and the whole part is sanded and polished. Total length is about 2 inches. The trigger is adjustable so it trips the power switch perfectly. The trigger housing basically keeps the spring mechanism from damage.

Step 8: Shoulder Strap

This is a fairly large, somewhat heavy, pistol and a shoulder strap allows for easy transportation. A 1 inch wide strap is comfortable enough without any additional padding. This may change though, as a padded section can also double as a tool caddy.

Step 9: Heat Shield

The heat shield is made from 1/16 inch brass. All holes have to be drilled or punched after the brass is rolled. A Whitney punch is perfect for the holes on this part. If you don't have a Whitney punch, get one! This punch is invaluable for lots of jobs.
The heat shield is offset by 1/16 inch for proper air flow.

Step 10: A Finished Wide Beam Laser Pistol

This is what I should have done many years ago. Some final tuning and output adjusting and this Wide-Beam is finished. Although this is a somewhat unrefined design, I can now add it to my collection and move on to other projects that need finishing....and there are many! Mmmm, a Thor inspired battle axe for the fandom contest?

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    2 years ago

    Great project. I especially like mounting of the brass hoses and the spherical part. I voted for you. Thanks for sharing :)


    2 years ago

    Very nice! The whole point of this little challenge was to see projects like this. Thank you for completing your long-abandoned project and sharing the results! : )