Introduction: Wii Guitar Hero Permanent Raphnet Mod

This guide will show you how to permanently install the Raphnet Classic Controller to USB adapter into a Wii Guitar Hero Guitar. For this guide, I am using a Les Paul Wii Guitar but this should work with any of the guitars supported by the Raphnet adapter as the concept is the same.


**In this guide, I am using the Raphnet Classic Controller to USB - V2 adapter**

Materials Needed

- Guitar Hero Les Paul Wii Guitar

- Raphnet Classic Controller to USB - V2 adapter

- Small and Medium-sized Phillips-head screwdriver

- T10 Torx driver

- Soldering Iron + Solder

- Hot Glue Gun + Hot Glue

- Wire Strippers + Wires Cutters

- Razor Blade

- (4) Wires about 7inches in length [I stripped a USB cable and used the wires inside]

- 9” to 1’ USB Mini B (male) to USB Mini B (female) extension [or a cable of your choosing]

- A little patience

Step 1: Open the Guitar

There are plenty of how-to’s and videos showing how to do this.

Here’s UKOG’s video to show you:

1. Once you have the guitar open, carefully remove all components using a small phillips-head screwdriver and set them aside. They should all come out as one piece, so be careful not to stress any of the wires.

*Now is a good time to wipe out any dust or dirt from the guitar.*

Step 2: Preparing the Raphnet Adapter

1. Open the Raphnet adapter using a phillips-head screwdriver and remove the board and cable.

2. De-solder the wire harness from the Raphnet board.

3. Get 4 fresh wires that are about 6-7inches long. I cut open an extra USB cable and used the wires inside.

4. Strip off about 1/4cm to reveal a small amount of wire on each end (about the size of the pad on the board).

5. Solder these down to Pin 1, 3, 6, 7. Pin 1 is Ground (GND). I used the black wire for this.

6. Put some hot glue over the solder joints for protection and extra strength.

7. Drop a few dots of hot glue on the bottom of the Raphnet board. This is to raise the board up a little so it is not sitting directly on the plastic and it will allow you to get some hot glue underneath the board to secure it to the guitar in the next step.

Step 3: Installing/Soldering the Raphnet Adapter to the Wii Guitar

1. Set the Raphnet board where you want it to be, and hold it down with your fingers. Hot glue the board around the edges and underneath until it is fixed in place and cannot be moved. Use as much glue as you find necessary.

2. Direct your wires over to where the strum bar connection is. I used some hot glue to help keep the wires in place.

3. Install the components back into the guitar.

Soldering the Raphnet Adapter to the Guitar

1. After installing all the components back into the guitar, find your 4 wires coming from the Raphnet adapter.

2. Solder the wires like so:

Raphnet PIN 1 -------- Guitar PIN 5 (GND)

Raphnet PIN 3 -------- Guitar PIN 1 (3.28v)

Raphnet PIN 6 -------- Guitar PIN 4 (3.17v)

Raphnet PIN 7 -------- Guitar PIN 3 (2.99v)

3. Once your solder has cooled, connect the USB cable to the Raphnet Adapter to test functionality.

4. When functionality is verified, drop some hot glue over the solder joints.

5. Tuck your wires if you prefer.

Step 4: Attaching and Routing USB Extension Cable

1. Attach the USB Mini B extension cable to the Raphnet Adapter.

2. Plug in and test to ensure there are no issues with the cable.

3. Find the path you want to take. My example is in the photos.

4. I had to slice the small amount of plastic out to make room for the cable. I did this using a razor blade. I made a slit on each side and then grabbed with needle nose pliers and moved it back and forth until it came off.

5. Cut another hole in the plastic leading to the remote slot. I cut mine to the size of the cable. Then, was able to slip the end of the connector into the slots to secure it in. You could also just let the cable dangle into the remote slot. I chose this location just in case the Wiimote is ever used so it does not interfere.

6. Add some hot glue to the wire to help reinforce.

7. Test again to ensure everything is working before we put the guitar back together.

Step 5: Reassemble the Guitar

1. Complete the first steps in reverse order to put the guitar back together. Don't forget the strap buttons!