Introduction: Wilderness Survival With Josh Taft

Surviving in the winter is one of the hardest ways to survive. The entire environment is trying to kill you, but Josh Taft will show you how to survive even the worst conditions.

here are some things you should think about 1. shelter


2. Water

3, Food

4. Essentials

5. Watch this video

Step 1: Fire

Snowy areas contain large amounts of clean drinking water, but the only way to get drinkable water is to melt the snow around you. to do this you need to craft a fire my rubbing two sticks together, or maybe just bring a lighter

Step 2: Water

Fill a container with snow and melt it over the fire. Water is more dense than snow so make sure to fill the whole container. and drink up !!

Step 3: Food

If you travel with a camera crew like Josh Taft , you can just steal their food. The key to getting away with it , Run.

Step 4: Don't Forget the ESSENTIALS

when you are surviving in the wild you only have a finite amount of space, only pack what you need

A pota Cool guitarWebster's Dictionarya pocket knife(maybe)