Introduction: Willie's Montezuma Three Bean Chili

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This chili has been a major hit at every Halloween Party I have ever thrown over the past 15 years. It is very easy to make in one pot, or slow cooker and is easy to increase the servings from 4 to 8 to 48 if you wanted. Need dinner for 8... just double the ingredients! But be prepared for the spice if you want because I am gonna tell you also how to bring the heat!

I always start early in the morning if I am going to be serving the chili for dinner or at a party.

Letting it simmer (but never over cook the bottom, which means you have to be there to stir the pot occasionally) is the key to a great rich flavor!



Crock pot, large soup pot or slow cooker

1 Pound ground beef

1 table spoon of chili powder

1 medium yellow or red onion, diced into small size

1 can of stewed tomatoes 16 oz.

1 can of pinto beans 8 oz.

1 can of kidney beans 8 oz.

1 can of Boston Baked Bean 8 oz.

(Remember if you can find 8 oz. it is perfectly find to put in a can of beans that is close... it will still taste great!)

3 dashes of Tabasco, 4 for a kick, or all in at 5 dashes

Crushed fresh garlic

1 jalapeno add this at the end to make it Montezuma's Heat!

And here is the secret ...

1/4 cup of cubed Velveeta cheese!

Step 1: Lets Get Started: Garlic, Oil, Onions and Beef!

Place diced onion in pot or cooking vessel (Slow cooker, soup pot) and a table spoon of olive oil.

Add the crushed garlic clove.

Heat up onion, oil and garlic a few minutes and then add beef. Cooking and break up beef until done. (Drain oil if you prefer, I never do).

Step 2: Bring in the BEANS!

Add all other canned items, add chili powder add 3 to 4 dashes of Tabasco, more if you like it spicy hot!

Stir in the kidney, pinto, baked and tomatoes ... I drain my beans except the baked beans (I know my picture shows 28 oz and my recipe calls out 8oz, I didn't put the whole can in...but hey... you can put in whatever beans you want...if you want!)...

If you do put the whole can in with out draining it will be a bit more soupy chili!

Step 3:

Stir often, watch the temperature, and make sure it is not too hot so that it doesn't burn the bottom if it is in a soup pot.

If using a slow cooker for the recommended time and setting.

Side note: I have a insta-pot (very much like a pressure pot/cooker), with a chili setting... and in about 40 minutes it was telling me it was done... and it was perfect.

Find something you know how to cook in... read and follow recommended settings as per the instructions of the manual.

Step 4: Add the Secret Ingredient!

Leave the Cubed Velveeta out of the finished chili pot...I put mine in the chili in the bowl as some taste vary... more or less, depending on if you want creamy cheasy or bowl of chili. So, I put mine in just before serving.

Adding a small cube of Velveeta and stir into the chili.

Want more heat... diced Jalapenos!!!

Enjoy the Willie's Montezuma Three Bean Chili!

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