Introduction: Willow Firewood Tote

Carrying firewood to a stove, one piece at a time, is just a waste of time. I wanted to build a simple firewood carrier from materials around my home that was functional, and pleasing to look at. I made this green willow firewood tote and believe it covers all these bases.

Step 1: Materials

2 - 48 inch lengths on ½ to ¾ green fairly straight willow

2 - 24 inch lengths of 1 ½ inch willow

2 - 10 inch lengths of 1 ½ inch willow

8 feet of 1/8 nylon chord

Prepare the green willow

Cut the 2 green willow sticks at 4 feet long by about ¾ inch at the thick end, then cut about 6 feet of a larger willow about 1 ½ inch diameter.

Cut the thicker piece into two 9 inch pieces and two at about 24 inches.

Gently flex and supple the 48 inch willow pieces so they can bend into a half circle arch.

Step 2: Building the Base

Pre-drill the larger willow 24 inch lengths at 2 ½ inches from both ends.

Screw the 24 inch sections to the 9 inch sections about 2 inches from both ends using 2 1/2” drywall screws. This forms the base to the tote.

Step 3: Making the Arch

Flex the longer pieces into an arch. Supple the wood by flexing it in smaller movements. With a number of flexes, the wood bends more readily.

Screw the ends into the corners of the base.

Step 4: Making the Handle

Bring the two middle pieces of the 48” willows together and lash them together to form a lashed-wood handle.

Coat the lashing with an outdoor wood glue.

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