Window Hydroponics

Introduction: Window Hydroponics

UPDATE as of 4/28/15.

see photo last page of the happy plants

This is my first adventure into the world of hydroponics. I have read many many instructibles on the subject and have taken bits and pieces from most of them. Lets get on with the show.

Things you will need

Plastic gutter (homedepot 10')

End caps for gutters


Saw of some sort

Drill and bits

tape measure


Irrigation hose

Timer (Westek TE06WHB 2 Outlet Digital from amazon)

Chains (decorative so it looks nice)

S hooks, Eye bolts

Fountain pump (with at least a 6ft elevation lift) with hose

And the all important zip ties.

Expanded Clay pellets

Veggies of your choice (tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini and cucumbers where what i used)

hydroponic fertilizer of your choice

Little plastic cups

small rocks

Step 1: Cut Gutters to Fit

This one is pretty self explanatory.

Measure your windows and cut the gutter to fit. Install end caps and see with calking. At this point I added 4 eye bolts on the corners of the gutter and also sealed with calk. Install one drain line at far side of each gutter and seal with calk. It is hard to see in the picture but the drain line is poking up about inch.

suggest you fill with water to make sure there are no leaks.

I hung mine with the chains with 2 1/2 feet spacing between the bottom and the top gutter.

Step 2: Plumb the System and Check Timer and Grow

The timer mentioned in the beginning has a grounded outlet for the fountain pump. And you can set 20 different on off sequences.

The clear hose runs from the pump up to the top gutter. The timer is set to turn on for one minute 4 times a day.

That is just enough time to completely fill the top the gutter and drain and fill the bottom gutter. To keep the bottom from draining immediately, you need to put a loop into the drain line as pictured. The water will not drain until the water level reaches the same level as the top of the loop. During construction I was growing from seeds the veggies to go into the window.

Planting in the pots.

Each cup gets a couple of rocks, I found that with out them the cups would float around in the water with just clay in them.

Take each plant out of the dirt and clean off as much as possible. Hold the plants suspended in the cups, roots should almost touch the rocks. Then carefully fill the cups with the clay pellets. Put the cups equal spacing in the gutters and enjoy the veggies as they grow.

Step 3: Update As of 4/28/15

A view of the happy plants in the window.

The zucchini and the cucumbers are already starting to flower.
Veggies should be ready soon.

And the veggies are here!! see above. cucumbers and Zuchs

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